Russia play Qatar in friendly as the hosts of the last two World Cup’s see draw 1-1 in very strange event

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Russia are banned from playing in UEFA and FIFA arranged tournaments and still they can travel with their national team to play so called friendly games, and on Tuesday the were playing Qatar in the Al Janoub Stadium, in Al Wakrah.

To see this happening looks totally strange and hopeless and you start to wonder what is going on as Russia can travel to Qatar, having attacked their neighbour Ukraine, one nation part of UEFA and FIFA, it’s a total shame.

Little is done, nothing said as FIFA just looks at it and FIFA President looks on with Gianni Infantino being close to the table of the parties and World Cup hosts of the two previous tournaments in 2018 and 2022 .

Strangely nothing stopped the 2018 World Cup, no one said anything, despite the fact that Russia had at the time taken land of Ukraine, and made the club Shakhtar Donetsk homeless. The club has been playing their home games, since 2014, in Kyiv and European games taking place in Hamburg at present.

The Athletic put focus on the matter of Russian clubs being travelling to Turkey for so called friendly games, and you start to wonder what is the purpose of it all. Teams from Serbia and North Macedonia played Russian teams on Turkish soil, it’s totally strange and not to understand.

To see Qatar, doing such an act, and play this nation, is just remarkable and totally unacceptable, as FIFA are doing nothing to stop it, and the Emir of Qatar are in both parties, not long ago meeting Vladimir Putin and later seeing the Russian president meeting up with North Korea to build new relations, what is going on in a crazy world of football.

Qatar are playing in Nike outfits, Russia kits are made by Adidas, and it’s shocking to see these two nations promotiong American and German brands in football, it looks totally crazy and totally out of order.

The game in Al Wakrah had a crowd of 14.000 spectators, and in all fearness not massive, as this game will be looked on in shame.

FIFA and UEFA flirting with Saudi nations looks totally strange as their relations to Russia, makes it all dark and sad.


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