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Soccervoice is a site that has been in the football news sector since 2005, providing in depth content, insight, with a commitment to get our perspective heard.

Our writers strive to add colour to exclusive news stories; heightening headlines to service the greater goal of delivering football news culture to an increasingly impatient and special audience, written in English and with a global approach and view.

Photographies don’t just support our reporting with pictures that confirm our writers’ tales, but reveal new insight from each image published, seeking to complement and then expand on the written word.

Our video live feeds take the very concept of football to a special and in whole new perspective, offering an interpretation of the news published, bringing you instant updates in our Goal TV feature.

The approach combines insights and opinions from leading transfer news experts, the best football reporting talent, former players and referees are used as sources for our written work.

We are also following the womens game closely, with new and up to date stories and special articles, based on favourite female players and teams.

During the years, a good network and relations has been etablished. We are part of a global unity, working with major sports news actors such as SI and ESPN, being used as a trusted source on transfer talk and also on reports on the game in general. News Now, Google News and Wikipedia are other actors who do link up our stories and use us as reliable sources.

Soccervoice are in affiliate partnership with advertising agencies and major companies such as Amazon, Ads Supplier, CJ and Awin. We are also proud to be direct partners with major clubs such as Liverpool and Arsenal.

We are listed among the top 50 blogs on football in a massive directory build up by FeedSpot.

Located in Norway.


For contact on different topics such as advertising, guest writing, guest posting and others, please use the following e-mail; info@soccervoice.com

We will do our best to answer in 48 hours.

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