Red Bull knows the game and how to bring their projects forward and up, Bragantino to follow New York, Salzburg and Leipzig

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The model of progress is basically the same as Red Bull continues to move their football projects forward with the best intentions and with a business model that makes them self made and brings them financial stability, fame and fortune. This time we will focus on the Brazilian Red Bull club, Bragantino.

Bragantino was formed back in 1928 in Sao Paulo and over the years been seen in lower leagues of Brazilian football and did not compete in the top tier before 1989. Since then experienced a bit of a rollercoaster ride between Serie A, B and C. Red Bull started their sponsorship in 2019 with the aim to get full controll in the next years to come. In 2020 they had achieved their goal and also managed to get into the top flight.

Red Bull has been established in Sao Paulo football since 2007, but in a different set up and with a different approach having a supportive role with RB Brasil in the city, competing at a regional level. Today there is a partnership between the two as they tend to grow stronger together.

This year Red Bull Bragantino have reached the Copa Sudamericana Final, and will play Athletico Paranaense. This is the most prestige tournament after Copa Libartadores in South America, you can say it is similar to the UEFA Europa League. A great achievement for the club and for Red Bull. Their projects in football is based on a formula that makes it possible to move forward with balance and patience, but with the financial strength they reach goals often before their budgeted timeline.

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The current head coach of Red Bull Bragantina is Mauricio Barbieri, a 40 year old man born in Sao Paulo. He has previously been in charge of Red Bull Brasil and known to the system. He joined this set up in 2020 to build the project further as it expands in Brazilian football.

Ralf Ragnick has been an important figure in this set up as he is said to be the maestro and architect behind this massive global football empire that are on build. Ragnick left the project this year to take a similiar role at Spartak Moscow, and the movement of Red Bull will continue without him.

Red Bull have in a way grown to become a force in football but still just seen as a stepping stone for players as they reach for the final goal which could be clubs in Premier League, Serie A or La Liga, places were you to date do not have football teams owned by Red Bull.

Erling Braut-Haaland, is today among the hottest prospects in World football. He was only two years in Red Bull Salzburg, but his time in Austria made him take the next important step to become a world-class player.

Red Bull does not just bring forward great players, but their managers tends also to get a good ground to move upwards as we have seen with current Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann and Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. Current RB Leipzig coach Jesse Marsch is also one to follow as he looks to take the same steps as his predecessors, and previously been in charse of RB in New York and Salzburg, as this is a grown example of how they bring forward players and coaches within the group.

Another key to the development is the eye for talent and bringing forward those players in a special way so that they can take their steps in the professional game with the safety given at Red Bull and one to watch in Artur. A young 23 year old impressing everyone at Bragantina at the moment and recently called up for full international duty. Artur was earlier with Palmeiras, but struggling to get into the first team, being on many loans before he joined Red Bull Bragantina a year ago. Signed for a fee of €6million, and already that fee looks more than likely to be paid back and trippled if a sale appear.

According to Red Bull Bragantino are currently 313 in their ranking of clubs around the globe and has gone up the ladder amazingly in the last year seeing them as far down as 889 in September 2020. Looking at the other Red Bull clubs, Leipzig are currently holding an impressive 17th postion, Salzburg are on 65 and New York on 87.

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This Bragantino project in Brazil is a rapid and sensational rise to the top which of course could see a number of Brazilian players being sold on to Europe or the MLS. From here given more progress and be attractive for those paying the grandest amounts. We do believe that Red Bull is eager to keep their project floating without upsetting the major top clubs in Europe as they are the best buyers of football talent. A good sales company like RB will probably just be happy adding quality to their projects as they actually help football forward.

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For the players who joins the RB clubs they are taken great care off and are given the right challenges at the right time to become what they look for as we have seen with Patson Daka and Sadio Mane as two grand examples, Timo Werner a third special and also not forgetting Naby Keita who all have earlier been part of Red Bull clubs.

As for the RB strategy itself – what is characteristic is that, they balance business goals with sports goals; there is no space to spend a huge amount of money. The Copa Sudamerica Final will be played on Saturday the 20th of November and don’t miss out on this special event if you are able to watch the game.


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