Leagues World Global Ranking, Norway above China and Japan

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To rank leagues of the World might be difficult but from this Leagues World Global Ranking you certainly get a good perspective of the situation and of course important for players to understand what type of risk they are taking by making their moves in football.

Premier League gets top score, and no big surprises in the top of list, but looking further down you will find those interesting key figures not possible to ignore.

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Denmark is the best league in Scandinavia, seen as the 19th best in the World, Sweden ranked 25, one place behind EFL Championship, which by many in their own mind should be ranked higher and be in the top 10, certainly not in this picture. Norway at 28, China 29 and Japan 30.

We have seen over a long period of time that players might jump at a chance to play in Japan, China or even the 2nd tier of the Bundesliga, but with all those leagues ranked behind Norway, why should players ignore their current status, move to a lower status league and just look at the money short term.

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Surprised also to see the 2nd tiers in Spain and Italy ranked below those three Scandinavian countries and in a way moving abroad to a club in those leagues could be a step down according to these accurate stats.

You should never ignore big data and the influence of statistics and in many ways it all makes a lot of sense when you see how clubs are doing in Europe taking everything into consideration.

Finland and Iceland top tiers are not in the top 70 and probably correct as we have yet to see any of their clubs reaching som type of group stages in European football.

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