World Club Global Rating 2021, Man City on top, facts and figures

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This current ratings of all clubs in the World of football/soccer is a grand and thorough set up not to be ignored, It tells a story on how stats and figures can be used to find the best and most accurate ratings of those clubs and how they look in the total perspective.

To see a Premier League club on top is no big surprise with the current PL winner and CL runners-up Man City being the front runnner of the lot. Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the two in the top three.

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Looking at several other clubs of interest and surprises you will see that Sevilla and RB Leipzig are higher and ratings are better than Arsenal at 17, with Roma and Porto also above The Gunners.

Looking at the list further you have Napoli next just that place behind Arsenal. Being among the last 12 or even 24 in the Champions League race might give you a higher score and that is of course correct to address.

Looking at clubs outside Europe, you will find Brazilian club Palmeiras highest ranked at 19. Mexican club UANL Tigres is the second highest among those non-european, seen in place 21. America, also from Mexico, Flamengo and Gremio of Brazil are the others highly ranked in that category, not to miss out of Argentina’s top rank, River Plate.

A grand and fantastic update with massive stats taken into consideration gives a verdict again how US Soccer can be seen in the picture with the first MLS club, Atlanta United, found in the list on place 63.

This is a very interesting and fun topic to discuss as football fans do like to compare their clubs and measure up against each other.

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Following up on football on all continents we will find Iranian favorites Persopolis in place 70, showing their status as one of the real major teams. Wydad Casablanca of Morocco, Esperance from Tunis and Egyptian club Al Ahly are the top three ranked from the African continent.

Looking further at PL clubs you do find Brentford higher ranked than West Ham, Newcastle and Leeds, but that has it’s reasons and you should look up further to find out why?

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Looking at the Scandinavian countries you will find FC Copenhagen, Malmo and Molde highest ranked on 95, 110 and 164. This is no surprise as those three clubs have done extremely well in Europe and also been winners of their domestic leagues in recent years as this is not just a rating of one previous season.

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