Focus On: Alan Hudson

Factfile: Full Name: Alan Anthony Hudson Position: Midfield Date of Birth: 21.06.1951 Birthplace: Chelsea, London Nation: England Full Caps: 2 Major League Career 1969-74, Chelsea (145/10) 1974-76, Stoke City (105/9) 1976-78, Arsenal (36/0) 1984-85, Stoke City (39/0) Links Wikipedia, Pinterest

Focus On: Peter Lorimer

Factfile: Full Name: Peter Patrick Lorimer Position: Midfield Date of Birth: 14.12.1946 Birthplace: Dundee Nation: Scotland Full Caps: 21 Major League Career 1962-79, Leeds United (450/151) 1979-80, York City (29/8) 1983-85, Leeds United (76/17) Links Wikipedia, Pinterest

Focus On: Alan Ball

Factfile: Full Name: Alan James Ball Position: Midfield Date of Birth: 12.05.1945 Birthplace: Farnworth Nation: England Full Caps: 72 Major League Career 1962-66, Blackpool (116/40) 1966-71, Everton (208/66) 1971-76, Arsenal (177/45) 1976-80, Southampton (132/9) 1980-81, Blackpool (30/5) 1981-83, Southampton (63/2) Links Wikipedia, Pinterest

Focus On: Allan Clarke

Factfile: Full Name: Allan John Clarke Position: Forward Date of Birth: 31.07.1946 Birthplace: Short Heat Nation: England Full Caps: 19 Major League Career 1963-66, Walsall, (72/41) 1966-68, Fulham (86/45) 1968-69, Leicester City (36/12) 1969-78, Leeds United (273/110) 1978-80, Barnsley (47/15) Links Wikipedia, Pinterest

Focus On: Norman Hunter

Factfile: Full Name: Norman Hunter Position: Defender Date of Birth: 29.10.1943 Birthplace: Eighton Banks Nation: England Full Caps: 28 Major League Career 1962-76, Leeds United, (540/18) 1976-79, Bristol City (108/4) 1979-82, Barnsley (33/0) Links Wikipedia, Pinterest

The other Pelè, Abedi Pelè!

When talking about Pelè we always think of the great one, the won winning three World Cup’s for Brazil, but another one, Abedi Pelè also made a name for himself in football. Abedi Pelè now 54 years of age, did play alongside Chris Waddle and Jean Pierre Papin in that famous Marseille team of the…