Please freeze Premier League kits as colours and style are brands and identity not to fool with, the full picture update

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Watching Premier League season in and season out you of course identify teams of their colours and as we have seen in the past, trying to adjust your first colour kit, can be an act of war with fans, but regarding the 2nd and 3rd kit few bothers as they are changed season in and season out.

Cardiff owner Vincent Tan wanted to put his personal touch on his club, but the change to red was never a hit by his own fans as we all know the traditional kit of blue being the trademark of The Bluebirds, and with that type of nickname anyone would see that changing to red was a massive mistake and today the club is back with tradition.

We believe that clubs should stay loyal also to 2nd and 3rd colours and by that build even a stronger identity as fans of all clubs would know their colours of use. Often heard it is changed to sell more kits, but that must be the most idiotic talk heard in a lifetime.

The home kit or 1st kit is never changed, and it sells every season, that would a new 2nd and 3rd kit also do and even more getting a better identity being known and recognized for what it is.

Over the years we have seen the clubs having a bit of momentum as Leeds is known for having a 2nd kit in all yellow, Liverpool playing in a white with red neck and black shorts, red or white stockings.

We have put together what we believe you see the best of branding among the top clubs of the past, showing the 1st kit alternative, the 2nd kit alternative and the 3rd kit alternative among all clubs.

Look it up and see if you agree, and hopefully Premier League in the future will come to some sort of order, since the guidelines today looks totally out of control, and no one really cares anymore.

A 10 year cycle should be in place for colours and if you would like to change, it should be difficult, very difficult as it will affect the identification. Today we all know that Everton are blue and white, but what are their away colours, as we believe it shold be yellow shirts, blue shorts and yellow stocking, third kit should be in all white.

This would have been welcomed as a possible way to move forward as kits also should have been marked with the season number, and of course if clubs likes to make a sleeve change or have other minor changes to it, as we see on the 1st kit.

Would also like to see the pattern of kits more or less the same as we all know how QPR and their home kit look like, if having a special pattern on the 2nd or 3rd kit, it should not either see much change.

So please stay true to your colours and not become plastic, as colours should mark identification and brand building, not the opposite as you will just water out your brand.






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