Pull yourself together Dele or your career could soon become a Greek tragedy as days tick on in life of football

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Dele Alli’s career bears more and more resemblance to a Greek tragedy as the days tick on, with Besiktas set to cancel the midfielder’s contract and banish him back to Everton.

The 27-year-old has dropped in value considerably and seems a shell of the player who played in a Champions League final and scored in a World Cup quarter-final. After years of being named as the Premier League’s best youngster, the future truly looks bleak for Alli, who clearly still has the talent that propelled him to the very top of English football.

The former Spurs man was captured in a controversial photo last week, one apparently showing him sitting at a table with the banned nitrous oxide gas and an expensive bottle of tequila lying in the center of the frame.

As far as I’m concerned, these items should be nowhere near a professional footballers’ diet-plan and I’d like to remind the player that football isn’t simply one big party.

Jose Mourinho tried to motivate Alli when the Portuguese took the Spurs job in 2019, warning him that careers in the sport are fleeting and only a handful of players really get remembered.

The speech, which was captured on Spurs’ Amazon Prime documentary, seemingly worked at first, however Dele Alli soon fell back down the pecking order and the player was rarely featured in Mourinho’s match-day squads.

He wasn’t a favourite of Nuno Espirito Santo or Antonio Conte either, the latter sending him on-loan to Everton in early 2022 with the intention of giving Alli a new start in a new setting.

It was suspected that all Alli needed was a change of scenery and the chance to work with Frank Lampard – himself a top-class central midfielder – to fully re-ignite his stuttering career. Things, however, did not work out, and Alli left Merseyside without completing one full season.

If you ask me, what Dele Alli needs is a strong, authoritative voice similar to Sir Alex’s ‘hairdryer treatment’. When I was a young fan, we wouldn’t dream of seeing players down tools and spend their prime years on social media.

Alli is a modern football player, but he needs some old-school discipline if he’s to make it in football at the highest level. At 27, time is still on his side, but the clock is ticking. Football will move on, and it’s up to Dele Alli to move along with it.






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