Marcus Rashford on track to a massive level as his form can lift Man Utd back to the life of being a football giant

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Marcus Rashford looks to have found his momentum in football as his form can be the key to a life at the top for Man Utd. Under the management of Erik ten Hag we have seen what confidence can bring to the field.

Man Utd are currently 3rd in Premier League and can if Arsenal and Man City lose form challenge for the Premier Leauge title. They are allready in the Carabao Cup final and looks to a new and challenging game vs. Barcelona to get further in Europa League.

His recent form is sensational and it will be interesting to follow as this is just what Man Utd needs to get on with the massive challenge of being a top title contender season in and season out.

We all remember hos Gareth Bale took his level at Spurs from being a ordinary back alternative to become a massive goalscorer and bringing his game to a top level and eventually moving to Real Madrid. We believe Marcus Rashford hopefully will lead the line at Man Utd for many years to come.

To have a player from your own ranks that makes this lift in performance makes a massive reaction from fans, management, academy players and all getting a life in spirit as this moves on.

This is in real the best that could happen in football and shows that buying players from all around the World in real is just not the way forward, your academy is, and of course bringing players forward that has no other goal than to play for their favorite team and of course winning trophies for them.

Man Utd will play Leicester today to try to build on their form and next they will face a massive test vs. Barcelona in Europe, follow The Red Devils from all areas as they sprint for more glory.






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