Liverpool verdict as Cody Gakpo and Stefan Bajcetic gets the focus and attention in recent top of form

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Glen Johnson makes his message clear as he address the recent top of form at Liverpool.

What have you made of Cody Gakpo’s start to his Liverpool career?
“I think he has had a slightly slow start, but you have got to give him a bit of time and grace for that obviously.

“I certainly think he has got the capability and the abilities to be a top player, the first few games it probably looked like the Premier League was a bit too fast.

“It was just a matter of time till he got used to it and adapted to it, but I think he has got a lot of potential to be a really big player for the next few years.”

How impressed were you with Stefan Bajcetic in midfield?
“I think sometimes that helps though, with the age, obviously being a young kid he didn’t have much to worry about.

“He wouldn’t have had much knowledge about that sort of fixture so he took it by the horns rather than panicking about it.

“So sometimes chucking a youngster like that into a big game, it can work! It certainly looks like he is going to have a great career.”

Did it illustrate the need to strengthen the midfield in the summer?
“Yeah, I think so. I think regardless of who the personnel is, I guess we don’t really know. But I definitely think that is an area where they need to lower the average age if you like. Obviously, they still have a lot of great players, but they have got quite a few that are getting on the other side of 30 so energy and some legs, that is definitely what they will be looking for.”

Should Jude Bellingham definitely move to the Premier League?
“Regardless of who you support, everyone wants to see the best players in the Premier League so we can watch them week-in, week-out.

“Obviously I would love him to be at Liverpool, but anywhere in the Premier League he would be great to watch.”

Do Everton have enough to stay in the Premier League?
“It’s a tight one because I think, individually, I think they have got quite a decent side. But that alone doesn’t win you games.

“The amount of games you play, you’re in this position for a reason – it’s not as if they have played three games. The reality is, they have been pretty poor.

“I think if Sean Dyche can get a few of them firing, they probably have the most firepower out of anyone in that bottom five.

“If they can go on a little run and Sean can get a reaction from them, then I think they will have enough to stay up.”

Will Jurgen Klopp’s emotional press conferences have affected the Liverpool squad?
“Well when it is in press rooms and with journalists and they are snapping and it is sort of out of character, then the players will start to think, ‘wow he is a bit edgy’.

“But for some players, it could rub off onto them and they start to think they’re in a bit of a bad position and they might start to perform nervously as well.

“Most players wouldn’t really react to it, they would just crack on and sort of get on with themselves. If you’ve got a manager who is almost behaving out of character, it can be a bit daunting for some of them.”

Does Trent Alexander-Arnold deserve more credit and less disrespect?
“Obviously, he has not been himself and we all know that. He has struggled in certain games, but I think he does get too much criticism.






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