The wrong doing of Leeds regarding Marcelo Bielsa will see them getting heavily punished and relegated

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Everton, Burnley and Leeds are all fighting for their lives at the foot of the Premier League table. All clubs did sack their man in charge, but we believe Leeds are the team to be punished the most as they will be relegated once when the season comes to an end.

Sean Dyche, Rafael Benitez and Marcelo Bielsa are all gone and replaced with Michael Jackson, Frank Lampard and Jesse Marsch. The gap from one manager to another is so major between the Argentinian and the American that we believe the result will be relegation for Leeds.

We all know the old principle of leadership in football as the stone age has been there forever. Sacking a person is the key to movement in the right direction for owners who does not know how to fix it themselves and use the oldest tool in the book as they believe they are moving forward.

The only correct about this is that time moves forward while most football clubs using these type of tactics will soon go into the ground, if they does not have immence amount of money to buy their way out of problems and at a cost that we all know is insane.

Benitez had a short life at Everton and his sack did not come as a surprise. Sean Dyche has not pushed the club forward in the latter years and the decision to push him out might not come as a big surprise.

Why Leeds as a new and upcoming comet last season decides to sack a man who has his bet players out with injuries is a riddle. Phillips and Bamford are key players for Leeds, without them you will struggle.

Marsch has no experience from football in England and not been part of a relegation fight in these waters before and his presence will not be in a way that we believe he can help Leeds to survival, they will god down. If you like to make your bet on it, see the odds.


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