Revenge time for Mohamed Salah as Liverpool goes into the finals of their heroic dream season with crucial games coming up

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Mohamed Salah is on a mission and a bit in the shadows of Jurgen Klopp and the team it self, but will he as so many times before be the player that makes it all happen.

A final games of Premier League will be a battle with Man City towards the end and no one is sure what will happen as the two major teams in this division goes head to head.

Real Madrid will of course the opponent in the Champions Leauge final and we all know what type of trigger that will be for Salah. This is a massive final as the two giants of football meet again.

Speculations about his future is still there and at his age he will of course be thrilled to see the 34 year old Benzema and his fantastic season. The two are key players in both teams and one of them looks likely to be the key player to get the result in their teams way.

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To see Man City as the winner of the FA Cup could be possible as they will of course have a possible chance to rest players in a way that will be impossible for Liverpool who are at this moment close to win all four trophies of importance this season.

If that happens it will be a record no easy to copy as this looks unlikely, but again when it is possible no one should stop dreaming of that very special goal..


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