Romelu Lukaku and his Premier League challenge will he again move on to find life easier in football

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Romelu Lukaku is one beast of a forward and again playing in Premier League. This time a second chance at Chelsea who had his contract a few years back and decided to let him leave for a life at Everton.

His time at Everton was seen as a success something that triggered Manchester United to pay £75million for his services. He was seen as the final solution and a top partner for Paul Pogba as this duo would smash The Red Devils back to the very top.

But as we all know it did not happen and a good move to Inter became Lukaku’s next step. His time in Serie A might have been his best so far in a career stumbling a bit as the top potential is clear and obvious.

His return to Chelsea came surprisingly this summer as no one thought he would fit the pattern of Thomas Tuchel football, and so far that has been correct. He does not fit in the system and he is a player equipped to do other things.

We all know that Harry Kane is a wanted man around in football and to finally make his dream move to a club that wins trophies could open space and also make money available for Tottenham to sign Romelu Lukaku and again see the success duo of him and Conte back in line.

Tottenham might be the ideal place to go as Thomas Tuchel will find out that his summer transfer is not the solution Chelsea needs and as stats told us from Chelsea’s latest game, Lukaku is not much involved.

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We certainly hope for all parties that a fantastic forward such as Romelu Lukaku again can find his home and settle as a top forward and at the age of 28 time is not on his side with also his job up front at Belgium at stake.

He has earlier expressed a feeling about his move back to Chelsea which in no way came out as a positive signal towards manager Thomas Tuchel, this looks a bit difficult to be honest.

So far his tally of goals at Chelsea are 5 in 17 PL games. With Inter he scored 47 in 72 and so far he has 68 in 101 games for Belgium. He is a fantastic forward but still needs to be used in the best way possible and also being present in the first team as he needs more than many other players to play as much as possible to keep his fitness and be fresh and ready for all games coming up.


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