Manchester United still in search for the correct formula, German Ralf Rangnick appointed in interim charge

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The model going forward are not yet seen at Manchester United but the appointment of Ralf Rangnick is promising. OGS might be one of the nicest men in football, but his presence at Manchester United have never really been as grand as you would like a father figure to be.

With Rangnick you certainly get a man with high intigrity and no one will judge him on managment presence and his ladder to this job is not about a fairy story but from a route which very much makes Rangnick entitled to such a job.

We could see a new and very special way forward for the club as a head coach might be the next as the club goes from an old traditional manager role to a modern type of organization as we see at other clubs such as neighbour Man City, Chelsea appear in this style and also Arsenal and Tottenham have adapted this style with a strong environment of powerful people also at other positions at their clubs.

So could we Rangnick to continue at Manchester United when a new man enters the scene next summer, definately that can be an answer.

The struggle to find the perfect solution will continue but their are on to something at Manchester United at the moment looking at every shelf to find the correct way forward from a sporting point of view.

The squad of players and the logistic is a bit in a difficult situation at the club, but they do have quality spread around the house, so the cleaning up process will not be that difficult, though Rangnick might be more of an organizer than OGS who is a boss known for his man management skills and maybe as much as a tactical genious.

Ralf Rangnick as we did brought forward in a previous article about Red Bull and their current influence in football might be a key reason for bringing in this German as he is a guy who can structure a club in the best way possible.

The fact that Liverpool went German might be the next mirror to look in for Manchester United as they try to copy previous models and structures going forward, but still their next man in charge could be difficult to address and we might see a surprise move if Ralf Rangnick gets his will.

The Red Bull heads

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We just have to wait and see what will happen at Old Trafford as the period with OGS was a bit of what to expect but bringing a 3rd and 2nd place in Premier League to the table was not bad at all and also very close to win the Europea League title for the second time was not far off either.

But the decline in form and just seeing suddenly the team collapse in the front of OGS eyes was not acceptable and exciting to see how Ralf Rangnick will get his team rolling.


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