Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with exciting new chance in football management, results and experience speaks for it self

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will grow from his experience in the last three years at Man Utd. His time at the club shows that he was trusted for so many reasons after moving into this position firstly being seen just as an interim manager.

The goal for Solskjaer was probably not to be the boss for the future but given the time and confidence he had his eyes on a trophy which he was close to on many occasions.

A new chance in the Premier League at this point looks unlikely but as previous Manchester United managers there will be options for him as we believe other clubs in Europe will be out there to look for such a type of manager.

His management skills is known and he is a type of person that will never lose his calm and hopefully he will grow also as a tactical coach, not really seen as much of his footballing knowledge as we would have liked building from the back instead of getting confusing at times.

David De Gea is a great example trying to slot in Dean Henderson last season and giving the England international a chance, but instead returning to the use of De Gea, who has been brilliant this season and really cemented his place in this team for the long term future.

OGS needs to build from this experience and take on the learning when his next adventure comes on board and we believe he soon will be back in football. After he left Cardiff he took a bit of time of before returning to Molde and he would of course be welcomed back to his Norwegian club, but it might not be what OGS is looking for at this time.

There are clubs in Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga that will come around, you have Celtic and Rangers in Scotland who could be clubs in the future looking for a boss like OGS, and you have of course other options around in Holland and Belgium were Norwegians have been coaching before.

It will be interesting to see what the next step for OGS will be, but certainly learning from his time at Old Trafford will give him great experience when the next job comes around.

OGS is still a young man in management, 48 years of age and we do believe that we have not seen the last of the Norwegian.

Speculations will soon occur and interim jobs will appear so will more steady work.


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