How will Chelsea reunite and force their way back to the top

Chelsea have since they won their first Premier League title back in 2005 been a force in English football, but the route to success has been one strange as managers have been chopped and changed for the fun of it.

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Great men with football vision and winning mentality have walked in and out the doors at Stamford Bridge. Strangely just a slide in form for a month or so, gives fans and owners a reason for either blaming the manager and often it’s been an early exit.

Frank Lampard and John Terry were both strong characters in the dressing room and their influence was huge as players, today Frank is back as the manager, but it might be room for another strong man beside him and why not call John Terry back to become his assistant, just to get the mentality correct.

The game v. Leicester City was probably not the best, but behind it all you have stats telling you that Chelsea had 67% possession and goals and a possible penalty stopped by VAR, margins wasn’t on Lampard and his teams side in this game.

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So why are Chelsea not really able to compete with such great quality in the squad? The team that reached the final of the FA Cup last season and finished in a Champions League qualification position in PL, should of course be competitive.

Lampard had a ban from signing players in front of last season, did great, had less expectations and went into the market this summer signing players that looks as they not fit the pattern and a few of the youngsters that progressed last season are not really in the first team frame as you would expect.

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Kai Havertz and Timo Werner are two new signings, and so far the two Germans have not been at a level that you would expect, and you start ask questions about why these type of players are signed and not delivering and you drop players who have been in great evolvement last season.

As a manager you are 100% in charge of getting the results needed, and you are in there to get the players to perform so you get those wins, week in and week out, if you cannot do it you will have a difficult life in football.

Chelsea will struggle at least for two to three seasons with such a young group of key players, and they will not be able to win you trophies and it’s a bit of a “mess” to sort out as young players are on the way forward, then shut back as a stop and start project.

Frank Lampard are looking for answers, he is on a chase that looks a bit wild, as he has not yet found his best team and the players he will trust going forward. The goalkeeper situation is not ideal, of course great to see Mendy doing so well, but still not the finished article, yet. The first choice is indeed Kepa, but he has not been able to show the stability needed to keep that job in a top team.

This makes it difficult at the moment to find that momentum and a steady goalkeeper that you need to build a great team. The goalkeeper situation is a problem at Chelsea at the moment.

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In the defence you have James and Azpilicueta who both can operate to the right, Chilwell and Alonso to the left, all of them good alternatives, but not ideal as the two seniors probably are the once not really in progress, and you upset the balance heavily with the two experienced alternatives are not happy when they are not playing.

In the center of defence you have Silva, Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma and Tomori, all good players, but not up there at he very top, and you have seen other clubs winning races for defenders who would be rated as better than the five to Lampards disposal. To find the two players that stands out as the best alternatives is not easy as they looks equal in standard and quality.

N’Golo Kantè is a player that can win you trophies, but you need to play to his strengths and not put him in a position that doesn’t fit his total strength. Kantè is a ball winner, a player that does the hard work.

Using Kantè in the best way possible will free up space for other players in the team that can be much more offensive in their approach, but haven’t yet seen Lampard making that happen in full.

Timo Werner, a prestige signing from RB Leipzig, is another riddle as the front man is best in that position, if you decide to play him wide, you will not make it easy for him. Kai Havertz is not really a player Chelsea needs at the moment, looks as he was brought in as one nice to have in a squad.

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Mason Mount is a player to watch and the England international should be as important as N’Golo Kantè. Slot him in between the midfield and top forward, so it leaves Frank Lampard with a dilemma, how to set up his team and get the best out of every player.

To see Chelsea in a 4-4-1-1 would be a perfect set up, and you will get the best out of your best players slotting in Kantè, Mount and Werner in their best positions and play your best players in their best positions.

Chelsea does have great quality and we certainly hope that Frank Lampard will be able to sort out his dilemmas in the way forward, and a key is to play your best players in their best positions.

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