Werder Bremen, special place for players and fans, a history in great green colours

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Werder Bremen haven’t been competing in Europe for a while, but still to be counted in the Bundesliga, despite a troublesome season in the relegation zone of the table. They have won the title four times in the past, going back to 2004 for the last big triumph.

Their last big triumph was winning the German cup in 2009, and hopefully they can manage to get to climb away from danger also this season to stay up were they almost always have been among the best teams.

This club has nursed forward a number of great players and also managers with the legendary Otto Rehagel probably being the one best remembered. He masterminded his team over 14 years to win the Bundesliga twice, 1988 and 1993, winning the Cup in 1991 and 1994, and also wining the European Cup winner Cup in 1992.

This was astonishing and players such as Rune Bratseth, Rudi Voller and Karl Heinz Riedle all seen in the green jersey. Two fantastic forwards and one of Europe’s best defenders at the time.

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We have seen players as Kevin De Bruyne and Mesut Ozil building their careers stepping up from a life at Werder Bremen to the World stage of football. One of the famous from the past was Horst-Dieter Hottges. Hottgess was a hard tackling full back and nicknamed “Eisenfuss”.

Swedish international Marcus Rosenberg spent his best years in football while at Werder Bremen, and his presence was huge, scoring 40 goals in 123 league appearances. Brazilian Ailton is also one with a fond memories, spending six seasons at the club from 1998 to 2004.

One player that you might have missed as a Bundesliga player is Dave Watson, the former England international defender who moved to Werder Bremen, but after just two league appearances decided to return to England. He left Manchester City in the summer of 1979 and was signed back by Southampton in October that same year. Sadly he is today among those suffering from dimentia and said to be related heading of the ball.

New Zealand international Wynton Rufer is another player that experienced a great career with Werder after getting his career back on track signing for Norwich at an earlier stage without making any impact. After his canary problems he managed to get his football life back on track in Switzerland and from there moving on to Werder Bremen were he scored 59 goals in 174 league appearances from 1989 to 1995.

Former Chelsea forward and Peru international Claudio Pizzaro might be the most iconic one of them all, representing Werder Bremen in four different spells. He is still with Werder at the age of 41, coming back in 2018, continuing playing at the highest level. He joined this German club for the first time back in 1999. He has also been with Bayern Munich twice and might be among the greatest Bundesliga player of all time. He had a short and difficult spell at Stamford Bridge spending two years in England from 2007 to 2009, only playing 21 league games in which he scored twice.

Today former Everton and Ajax midfielder Davy Klassen might be among the most important as the Bundesliga existence is under treath. Not to forget former Arsenal captain Per Martesacker who was signed from Werder Bremen.






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