Chelsea will be the next big talk in the English game, Lampard on a clear mission taking his next big step in football

Frank Lampard is their new manager, he is back where his heart belongs, after a short period in charge of Derby County and play for Manchester City and New York City. He is a visionary man Frank Lampard, the is clear after just a few games played.

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The fact that the club had a ban from signing players, might have come as a blessing in disguise, but hopefully the same would have happened if they had an open window, because if not this article is useless.

To see a manager building a bond with his players and make one or two special to his project is of course brilliance. Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham are the two young players that last season had a good spell in the Championship with Derby County and Aston Villa, with Lampard knowing both of them from being at the same level himself.

It must be heartbreaking for Chelsea fans to see the likes of Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne dominating the English game as they do at the moment, playing for clubs far above Chelsea last season and probably also in this campaign.

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Both players had a relatively silent life while at Stamford Bridge, but with a club full of stars and established players in their set up, there were no time or space to build up players such as these two.

Before it was a buying game for Chelsea, using billions of pounds to just get the right players slotted in when you missed such a type in your line-up, and with money to spend that is not a problem.

Eden Hazard left Chelsea for Real Madrid, something that surprised a few, to see Hazard leaving for something “new and exciting”, but of course also leaving behind a massive gap to fill for others.

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But as we have seen Frank Lampard is not just after filling that big hole after Eden Hazard, he is actually trying to bring Chelsea to another level with a type of football that will be the next revolutionary thing, with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola either jumping ship or using too much gass to bring the football they like to the surface.

Chelsea’s project is the most interesting as they are one step in front of Man City and Liverpool in the sense of replacing stars from the past. At Man City they are not able to win many battles without Fernandinho and Aguero, they are also heavily depended on David Silva, who is in his last season at The Etihad.

Liverpool have not managed to get much out of their academy since Jurgen Klopp came in and Trent Alexander-Arnold is the only player from their own ranks to be able to sement a place in the first team. The rest of Klopp’s objects are signings from outside, but he is now one step behind Chelsea for the next chapter to be written.

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We believe that Frank Lampard needs at least two maybe three seasons to get his project fulfilled and get his youngest players a few years older to really be a team to count for a new trophy, but if he is given that, his set up can give Chelsea a lot of glory in the years to come.

To see a club with “heavy” financial muscles giving youth a real chance for the first time in the Abramovic era. Hopefully Frank Lampard will be given time to build a team of his liking and that trophies are not seen as progress during this and maybe next season, but that we see a team that starts to gel with some of the most excting young talents in this game all together.

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