How Nike became a dominant brand in World soccer as their top promoters makes them unique and special

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During the World Cup you of course have focus on the sportswear of players and teams as shirts are on sale and everything used by the most popular players always will be worth massive amounts of money.

Nike is a huge player in this as they compete with Adidas, Puma and several other brands. Some believe that clothing is the most important, but as we all know footwear is their trade and what keeps them alive.

During the World Cup, Kylian MBappe was Nike’s head figure, and with him more than 250 players used their Mercurier model.

So how has it been possible for the US brand ot overtake the role as the most popular in this sport?

They were in real a track and field specialist, but from the 70’s decided to broad their trade, building a partnership with tennis top player Ilie Nastase, and this success, made it possible to join even bigger stars in other sports, forming a realtionship with basket icon Michael Jordan through out the 80’s.

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They do have a unique position in sports, especially in their home US market, being the top supplier of NFL and MLB. Their life in soccer do also have a long history, but the start could have been better,

From modest work during the 70’s one key happening was when Aston Villa reached the final of the European Cup and every single player in their team wear Nike. Aston Villa defeated Bayern Munich in the final and of course made it possible to get the best credit.

Nike invested time and money to build more quality to their shoes and that has been a key to this day. During the 90’s the brand evolved heavily and took their place and over time equaled Adidas and Puma, and today are rated at the same level or above.

Nike decided to test premium boots made of new synthetic leather material. The boots were such a success, the players who tested them refused to give them back. This test boot led to the famous Mercurial boot.






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