Points change to the better as football will be less predictable and management in season sacking a gone problem

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The system of points in league football is a shame and it makes the game old fashion and brutal After about 10 games into a season you can almost see the pattern of how the season will end, after half a season you are almost certain, but still a possible act to get out of trouble.

Most club owners have one single tool to use to satisfy fans who are eager to changes if results are not as predicted, sack the manager, and do it in lightening pace. Owners cannot sell the club or find new owners or sack all their players in one day, but the weapon to use can be done in a minute, but it seldom works in your favor, if you look at stats, most clubs sacking their manager goes down, some survive, but most goes down.

The problem with the current point system is that it is too harsh towards a situation that is not that black or white and it does not have anything to do with who is your boss, and it what type of job he is doing, so losing points one day should to not be faulted if you part up the game in two halfs, getting somehting from earch half and also a massive bonus in the end if you win the full game.

A club owner looks at results and nothing else, you do not get points for how you play or in what why you conduct yourself on the pitch, regarding for instance fair-play, and that is of course no problem, but the points system should be changed and parted up in more ways to earn points.

So the reward of a win should be much higher, giving teams who are brave and trying to score goals a higher gain. It would have been a bit of a revolution and a chance to change an outcome of a season faster than at present were you can see a season ruined after a few games played.

So this is a solution that we do believe would have changed the game to the better and would have given owners more patience and also giving them a chance to look at their players and manager in a better picture. You will get 3 points for winning 1st half, 3 points for winning 2nd half, and 6 points for the total win.

This could give you a maximum of 12 points. A draw would give you 1 point for first half, 1 point for 2nd half, and 2 points in full time. So if you play 0-0 over 90 minutes, you will get a maxium of 4 points,

This will again make the league system less predictable and giving clubs a chance to make changes that would see the manager in another light and hopefully also see managers more patient in their approach and of course not being able to use the sacking option that much, with one win in two halfs making it possible to climb out of a difficult situation.

It would also see your team in another light as both halfs counts and your approach during a game would be more attacking and as well opening up the game much more. We certainly hope new changes to the league system will arrive and with this points system you could see the game in a totally new picture with victories counting even more.

To look at a possibility for just two teams so get relegated would be another way to go, something that was a fact in England and their top league 1st division until 1972/73, since then you have had 3 teams relegated, besides the 1990/91 season when just 2 teams from the top tier were relegated, due to a play-off system.

To see a manager sacked or leaving a club after the season would be something to let owners decide on, but contracts, rules and regulations should protect them more, to avoid bullies to rule the game as we do see among owners today acting in a brutal and selfish manner, with the stakes of going down being something between heaven and hell, that could of course also be looked into as the game lives on.






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