Arsenal above their limits as Premier League season heats up and action must be taken in January

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Arsenal are in the race for a top four finish, but to see them battling on for the top position is a bit of a surprise looking at their squad and depth.

Mikel Arteta needs to have a proper look at the situation in January as a fall in positions looks more likely than staying top of the table and again be the winners of Premier League

Accoding to The Guardian they are starting to show signs of fatigue and need strengthening in January with a number of players on the list of wishes. They have over the past transfer windows invested heavily in new players and to see more massive buys happening would be a surprise.

Mikel Arteta has a certain style in place both in play and on the sidelines as his approach to the game gives easy answers, being a former assistant to Pep Guardiola. His football is entertaining but possibly easier to stop than the machine of Man City constantly hammering on as they pick up new trophies one by one.

Arsenal are fighting on all arenas being involved in Europa League, Premier League, Carabao Cup and later to come, FA Cup. Latest result in Europe vs. PSV (0-2) shows that this team is far from a perfect shot.

Zurich will be next test in Europe, Forest and Chelsea in Premier League and then a difficult home fixture vs. Brighton in the Carabao Cup as the route is set up for more excitement going forward.


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