Luis Suarez moves home as first club Nacional of Montevideo Uruguay becomes his next step in the game

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Luis Suarez moved to Europe in 2006 from Nacional to join Dutch club Groningen. He is now back at Nacional after a great career to be finished back home in Uruguay.

He was early spotted by Ajax for his goalscoring touch and joined the top club a year after his move to Holland. His time at Ajax made him one of the most interesting strikers in European football.

Liverpool came next and over three seasons at Anfield his value had risen to the very top. Barcelona came along to sign him and for a South American to play for that special club is something you don’t say no to.

Liverpool manager at the time Brendan Rodgers had no answer to the sale and never managed to find a good enough replacement.

His goals is his trademark and at Barcelona everything came to town as his partnership with Lionel Messi and others was close to perfection.

All things comes to an end but to sign for Atletico Madrid was not disaster as his goalscoring touch is still there. 32 goals in 67 games tells a story of one goalscorer who will never stop.

Nacional will of course get a player to their club that is not just an icon but a man of goals and hopefully his contribution will be seeing a runners-up medal last season be converted to a winners medal in this one.

This move and of course the move of Cesc Fabregas to Como FC shows a different route of iconic footballers as they used to travel the World and sign for money only, but these two moves shows a totally different path.

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