Mark Noble in his final season at West Ham but still not the perfect end as final in Europa League missed

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Mark Noble is in his last year at West Ham but still not more than 35 and could go on for a couple of more seasons, but certain to part with the club in a playing capacity.

His only club, counting out two loan spells at Hull and Ipswich, making his debut at the age of 17 as far back as 2004. It looks like a lifetime and to date played 470 league games with The Hammers.

Since the return of David Moyes to the club Mark Noble has been in and out of the team but his role has been very important completing a large number of games and being a key man of the dressing room. This season has seen him on the pitch for fewer games, only 9, but still in there and happy.

Talk was that he was leaving in front of last season but still continued and keeping up with a situation knowing he would not play as much as he probably would have liked but still again part of an European campaign ending in the semi’s vs. Frankfurt and a PL season close to perfect.

To see players such as Mark Noble still part of this money and transfer moving business makes you believe that the future also belongs to the one club footballer as manager to do see continuity as a fact in buiding their teams.

What the future bring only Mark Noble knows, anyway best of luck on the next stop in this sporting path.


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