River Plate in iconic colours for ages how football can evolve without leaving tradition

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There are of course often nice to see changes but something does have to be like it has always been or as we believe it has, one of those special traditions upheld is the kit of River Plate.

The club from Buenos Aires in Argentina has for ages kept their classical kit and not changed. We do see a club keeping their boots well planted as they bring forward new and exciting talent and of course have their kits renewed but keeping their kit colours as they should.

This season they are on a run again topping the Argentina Primera Division after 25 games with 25 teams behind them in the table. In total the club has won the top league of Argentina 37 times and the current title holder after an amazing last season.

The club is a steady recruitment area for European clubs and doing well with River Plate will set you on a plane to Europe and their all time top goalscorer Alfredo di Stefano is a grand example, scoring 49 goals in 66 games. His career with River Plate was disrupted by a strike among footballers in Argentina, so Di Stefano went on loan to Columbian club Millonarios where he continued to score goals, 90 in 101 appearances, and from there to Europe, becoming one of the best ever players at Real Madrid and also later manager at both of his former clubs in different periods during the 70’s.

The number of legendary players at the club is so massive that you cannot start counting but of course Daniel Passarella is a special man being a World Cup winner representing the club in 1978. He has also been the manager of the club and the national team.

Ramon Diaz is also one to notice with a grand career both as manager and player at River Plate, and also once the manager of Oxford United.

To keep tradition is a key to building a grand brand and of course never let your colours fly out of the window, but as we know other clubs did that, making a change and also keeping prevous colours as a 2nd choice, but at River Plate you will always be that unique.

The iconic shirt with the red ribbon on the white and black shorts gives a good and very special combination of colours. It is just a brand in itself.

Their badge is also very special and of course getting a facelift from time to time but all in all staying the same, it looks good and as we all know tradition is well taken care of.

Being a player at this special club with a stadium with 70 000 as capacity must be special. Last season was of course special winning a new league trophy. Not happened since 2014 and a great again to see River Plate up there at the highest shelf.

For all of us following the game tradition and history is important as well as keeping the home shirt as it is without too many changes to it.


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