Manchester City shows the way to total perfection, how their history sums up the ultimate football story

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Looking back in history you will find some very interesting aspects about Manchester City, a club that in many ways sums up the life of football in total. Yesterdays win vs. Brentford away after a lovely goal scored from a HGP a young and promising Phil Foden.

The fact that the club today have enormous financial muscles should not shadow the way they are behaving themselves as a perfect establishment.

The club and the team today is very different from previous times and great periods in their club history. Man City won their first league title back in 1936/37 and the next in 1967/68, and in between and before finishing runners-up at a few occasions.

They were not a superclub as of today but had massive support and among the top clubs always in there to try to achieve and hit the roof as their belief was always to be at the very highest level.

Looking at the panel of players that has played in the sky blue jersey you have a number of interesting topics. Denis Law of course, a legend at neighbour Man Utd, but also a player at Man City in two different periods and building his status as a player at Maine Road.

Great names in football such as Denis Law, Sir Matt Busby, Joe Fagan and Don Revie are seldom written about in Man City terms since they made probably greater names for themselves in other clubs and surroundings. But facts are facts and all of them had their time at Man City.

The best and most massive chapter of this club is not yet written but under Pep Guardiola you have a manager that knows the formula and how to play the game in full, and looking at his backroom staff and how every piece is put together you know this is like special energy put together, when you get that special spirit and belief.

Pep Guardiola is not Messiah and as we have seen in the past other clubs can defeat them as he tends to rotate a lot and not always finds the right edge. But all in all, their form of football, their run of systems and Pep’s belief in not having too many players in and around and not doing massive changes to his squad from season to season seems to be a well written formula.

Man City are now on a path that probably will cement them as a massive giant in football going forward as they chase more silverware and also hopefully will see them lift the CL trophy coming very close last season, but as said before, in one single game, they can be defeated as other teams also have a grand group of players.

They are the current leaders of Premier League with 50 points in 20 games, 18 games to go and if this continues they could reach 100 points before the end. Liverpool and Chelsea are chasing, but we believe that no one will catch them as they look stronger and stronger and to be honest Pep Guardiola is in a rebuild of a team that has seen fantastic players such as David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany all have moved out, then in a season or two building a stronger enviroment that makes this club look forward and not in the mirror as a massive succesful period looks to be in front.


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