The rise and fall of giant killers in Premier League

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Leicester played Brighton away this weekend and the giant killer expert of recent seasons fell flat. Leicester came close to breaking those top four giants in the two previous seasons winning Premier League and FA Cup titles before.

Leicester are seen above Newcastle, Aston Villa and Everton in the ranking of clubs in Premier League at the moment, but so far only picked up six points from their first five games this season. The defeat away to Brighton might have seen a new turn in fortunes for the club that has lived a life above their expectations.

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Leicester managed to keep their best players this summer, something very unusual, but instead they have two of their best players either totally out of form, James Maddison, or reluctant to sign a new long term contract, Youri Tielemans.

This is a probably not a perfect scenario. To have players in your squad that you are very depended on and see them stop performing to the level needed to keep up with their competitors. Today clubs such as Middlesbrough, Derby, Nottingham Forest and Sunderland are clubs with high potential that struggles heavily at present.

Brighton are again impressive. To win four of five in their openers this season with Adam Lallana and Danny Welbeck playing a big part, and showing the skills that made them regular England internationals a few years ago.

The talent of Leandro Trossard is massive with the Belgian international playing his best football since joining from Genk in 2019. Marc Cucurella is a new player introduced to Premier League this season arriving from Getafe. He showed against Leicester that he can be a key to actually keep this run going.

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So why are Brighton flying and Leicester falling flat. This is a key question, but all those great and unique minor pieces in a football jigsaw is in place under the management of Graham Potter. He knows exactly how to put it correctly.

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Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers do chop and change, looks for new ideas as his game plans tend to change. He has also played hazard with his midfield icon James Maddison. Another major minus is the use of Jonny Evans, being probably used a bit too early again missing action with his troubled toe.

The act to take your team out of a constant transition might be difficult. To both change your style of play and also have a player rotation mostly to cover for injured players can often give you headaches and problems you would rather be without.

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Interesting to watch from distance as Brighton are taking steps few would imagine, with other clubs such as Leicester not really finding their momentum.

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