OGS and his up’s and down’s, will it continue?

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Manchester United started their season with a marvelous start winning 5-1 at home. Then going away to Southampton and failing to build on the previous results, managing a draw in the end.

OGS will if he manage to bring his team into a CL position not be under pressure as the board at the club will be in line with the current ambitions to play in this tournament every season. Of course winning a trophy will be a priority but to demand a PL title will not be pushed in present time.

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OGS has taken the team into the frame of a trophy getting closer and closer to that in his seasons in charge, losing on penalties in the Europa League final last season.

The away form last season was grand and impressive, but what we miss at this point is a clear plan in the transfer policy going forward with a clear and direct plan and be able to bring in the best players available.

To see Man Utd not really considering signing players such as Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe and Raheem Sterling, might be a signal that those top targets are on a shelf that is not considered and that could also see the trophy hunt a bit more difficult.

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We beleive Man Utd will be in the frame for a trophy this season, but to see them as winners of the Premier League might not be a clearly perspective.

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We will follow the progress and of course the next game in the Premier League will be vital as we go forward.


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