Jordan Henderson, Footballer of the Year, Jamie Vardy Goldon Boot winner, Lallana joins Brighton, Pep considering Brazil!



Jordan Henderson, Footballer of the Year

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The football writers named Jordan Henderson as their man of the season sending a message out. A well earned reward for the captain of Liverpool, Premier League winners this season.

We would like to congratulate JH with this special trophy as he is one of the most underestimated players in the World today. His impact over years have been phenomenal and this is well deserved.



Jamie Vardy, Goldon Boot winner

Jamie Vardy wins the Goldon Boot award after scoring 23 goals in the Premier League this season. He is a very important player for his team and still lively and better than most at the age of 33.

Great to see him up there as he is an example to follow, staying loyal to his club and keeping his form and performances at the top shelf.


Man Utd secure Champions League spot after 2-0 away v. Leicester City

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Leicester City had it all in their hands but chances were missed and in the end Manchester United snatched the Champions Leauge spot as well as winning the game 2-0 with goals from Bruno Fernandes and Jesse Lingard.

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I, Robot


Don’t miss out this one, a book well worth reading and of course one that you also can have a look at while considering a buy, Peter Crouch is a great read, and his knowledge and long and broad career in the game could give you a few surprises!


Adam Lallane joins Brighton & Hove Albion

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This week a number of new moves are on and the fact that Adam Lallane is back at the south coast is now a fact signing on a free for Brighton & Hove Albion after a long stay at Anfield and sealing that great Premier League win before his departure.

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Pep considering Brazil?

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To see this rumour turning up was a surprise, but thinking about it, would be the ideal match between a coach wiht a vision to entertain and at the same time be best in defendig as well, as always never missing a single rumour.

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