The scent of Barca will thrill certain Liverpool stars, a scary seduction

Liverpool are in a certain position at the moment and of course a club most players would love to join. Their history and present run shows everyone what a fantastic club they are, but in some way they will never be “the greatest” club to play for in certain circles.

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Recent talk about Mo Salah and Saido Mane and their troubled relationship might be something Jurgen Klopp is not looking much at just now, with the Premier League title in the harbor and of course another Champions League title chase on as well.

But those two players could be on the radar of someone else, and both Mo Salah and Saido Mane would probably not say no if Barcelona came in with a bid on one of them. Liverpool players such as Claudio Coutinho and Luis Suarez both made the move from Anfield to Camp Nou.

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Javier Mascherano is another former Liverpool favorite who desperately made it clear that he wanted to join Barca as he would prefer the language, the club and the climate instead of a life at Merseyside.

Barca with Lionel Messi in the middle will always be a scary seduction for clubs who recruit many of their players being especially from South America but also from all other continents than Britain, with everyone of them growing up being told that Barce is the greatest club in the World and that playing for them will make them “saints” in their home country.

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Pep Guardiola might be the only player / manager who decided to leave at his peak and instead getting new adventures elsewhere, that is some bold decision to make, and he has then led Bayern Munich and Man City to greatness and success.

We will see new moves from Anfield to Camp Nou, and if that will be either Mo Salah or Saido Mane, would not be a surprise at all, but again Liverpool will get a fantastic fee for either one and can invest the money wisely on new recruits.

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