Will Bruno Fernandes be as important for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Eric Cantona was for Sir Alex Ferguson

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s rollercoaster ride can have come to an end with the signing of Bruno Fernandes. A brilliant footballer, equipped to be part of the modern era of Manchester United. A key signing, a player missing from the line-up in the past and hopefully the signing that will see a new bright future at Old Trafford.

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You can say what you want about Paul Scholes, Peter Schmeichel, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs and of course they were all important during the time of Sir Alex, but the player to “break the duck” was by far Eric Cantona.

His presence at Manchester United and his surprise move from Leeds United made magic at Old Trafford. The French excellence scored some very important goals that made him a winner of two league trophies in two seasons with two different clubs.

Eric Cantona looked as if he didn’t fear anything and his confidence was at a level that made opponents scared and looking out for him, giving less importance to others who also could enter on to the stage and getting up there among the stars.

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The way Bruno Fernandes has started his Manchester United career is so fantastic to see and his game today against Watford makes everyone believe he can take the pressure of other players and really make them shine.

The fact that this club now is without Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba, has sent players like Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez out the door, and makes space for the young phenomena Mason Greenwood is very interesting to watch.

Bruno Fernandes, still only 25, has been around for a while and tasted the life of football at different levels and not always been “fantastic”. He played in Serie A for clubs such as Udinese and Sampdoria and then to join Sporting Lisbon might have been a step to the side or down if you like, but the way he has turned his fortunes around and played in the last 2,5 seasons makes him a player that can really become a magic signing.

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If you look at Eric Cantona, that was 26 when he joined Man Utd from Leeds, and his life in football had been all in France playing short term for clubs such as Auxerre, Marseille, and signed from Nimes when joining Leeds. Not really the straight forward road to become a league winner in England.

But again as Fernandes, still with a footballing future in front of him and a past with a number of experiences that of course had given him not a straight forward career to the top, but a hard battle to win in the end and see the trophies lifted and filled in the club cabinets.

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We believe that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with this signing has brought in a player that had the desire to join this club, because he has said he was a fan and would have been in trouble if he had turned down a move to his boyhood favorites.

Would be lovely to see if this is the “key” to a rise for Manchester United as they belong among the best teams and should be up there and compete with the Liverpool’s and Man City’s.

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