Newsletter – October 2019

Newsletter – October 2019

A new month and a new newsletter from Soccervoice. A great number of updates done on the site, and of course a lot of recommendations from our library of football. As always a packed update of new and fresh content.

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Home Nations,

England came to the Czech Republic with great confidence but couldn’t really get the result needed, their next hurdle is Bulgaria, follow up on all the latest England updates from Soccervoice, enter here

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Focus On – Vintage,

We have added a number of new players to our Focus On – Vintage section. One is Kevin Hector another is Charlie George. You will always find the latest updates from this special section, don’t miss out on those heroes from the past, neatly presented, enter here

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Blog Talk,

As always you will find new and interesting articles from past and present, and actuality is a key word. find all those articles you might have missed this month, just by looking at our category page, enter here

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Book Talk,

We are always up to date with our latest reviews on biographies and other football related books and issues. Clive Allen of Tottenham are among those new titles listed. for the new and great updates, enter here

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Every month we have an update on all those former players and their birthdays, don’t miss them and be shure to follow up on those great players who are aging and getting to a new year, enter here

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Club Call,

Liverpool are updated as well all the other teams sectioned and neatly presented with their own special page, just select from our top menu, find your club and those special updates that keeps you on line with your team, enter here

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Olympic Footballers,

A new and very interesting section on our website, making an article on special stars of football who also carries an Olympic gold medal around, a surprising lot made it all happen in the olympics, The Messi’s, The Guardiolas’s and more, enter here

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Traffic Talk,

Traffic is of to a new level and most of our visits comes from Facebook, a few from our Google News updates and also Twitter is a reasonable source for traffic. We certainly hope to get back to old tallies of millions of hits, but after the relaunch things have gone a bit slowly, but traffic is increasing and hopefully you can help us grow, by sharing articles, updates as we are now on around 4000 visits a month.

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Other interesting sections,

Soccervoice Published,



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