Retro Footy Topics – Happy Birthday and Remembrance, September 2019

The month of September is the month when the football season is well underway and you start to see the pattern of the outcome. This was also the case back in the days of some of the stars of English football

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We will of course highlight the birthday’s of those great stars, and two who will celebrate another year is of course Peter Shilton who will jubilee and reach his 70th birthday, big congratulations to “Shilts” on his day, the 18th of September.

Two others to celebrate are Peter Bonetti and Tommy Hutchison, who are turning, 77 and 72. Hutchison, born on the 22nd of September, Bonetti on the 27th. Big congratulations to both.

Former England international and Arsenal defender Kenny Sansom turns 61 on the 26th and we wish him all the best. On the 24th we can celebrate Phil Boersma who will turn 70, and another jubilee. The former Liverpool midfielder and forward appeared 82 times in the league and scored 17 goals while at Anfield from 1968 to 1975.

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Some of our greats are gone, and they would have had their birthdays in September, if with us. To remember, Jimmy Armfield, Ray Wilkins and Byron Stevenson. Both Armfield and Wilkins died last year, Stevenson left us as far back as 2007.

On the 27th of September former Tottenham and Barcelona forward Steve Archibald will turn , among his clubs, Steve Archibald will turn 63. David Nish, the former Leicester City and Derby County defender, will on the 26th reach 72, congratualtion.

Danish national coach Åge Hareide is another one with a birthday in September, turning 67 on the 23rd. The Norwegian Hareide played in England for Norwich City and Manchester City, back in the early 80’s.

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Former German great, Franz Beckenbauer will turn 74 on the 11th, another with his birthday on this day is Rangers legend John Grieg. turning 77. Both great defenders with a long and lasting life as players, also later going into management.

Former Arsenal forward Brian Hornsby will turn 65 on the 10th of September. After leaving The Gunners he played for Sheffield Wednesday and Shrewsbury, later turning out of clubs in NASL and Sweden.

Former Nottingham Forest and Newcastle United defender Frank Clark, later manager at Manchester City and Forest, turns 76. A long lasting career in the English top flight with two major clubs, spending 17 years in total in those camps.

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Jeff Blockley, previously known for his time at Coventry City, Arsenal and Leicester City, also with a single England cap during his career in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, turns 70 on the 12th of September, big congratulations.

Ruud Gullit and Tony Cascarino had their birthday on the 1st of September, both turning 57 on the day. They are both “legends” in their countries. While Gullit finished his playing career with Chelsea, Cascarino moved to France and played for Marseille, Nancy and finally Red Star 93.

Scottish international and former Hibs, Aston Villa and Birmingham City midfielder Des Bremner will also celebrate his birthday in September, turning 67 on the 7th. Two great seasons in the start of the 80’s, winning the league and a year later the European Cup with Aston Villa must have been the big highlights of his career.

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Manchester United midfielder and N. Ireland international, David McCreery is another who will be celebrating, turning 62 on the 16th. Leicester City goalkeeper in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Mark Wallington is another also celebrating, this will be on the 17th, turning 67. Mark Higgins previously a defender with Everton, turns 61 on the 29th.

Wilf Rostron, ex, Arsenal, Sunderland and Watford will also be in for his celebrations, Mike Dillon of Birmingham City and Norwich City

If you like to see all names of players birthdays in September, click here



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