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August is here and new updates can be found on our website that is getting more and more attention World wide. The site has been filled with new articles and updates and so we will continue day by day.

Latest Site Updates,

We have updated our Birthday section, new teams are added, and you will find new and great updates on players of the past and in present. Our new In Focus update, feature Teemu Pukki, the Norwich sensation in the Premier League so far.

You will also find new books added to the book talk section as we recommend new once with Sergio Aguero and John Gorman being two highlighted.

The new E-Shop is worth a visit. We have a number of sections to explore and don’t miss out on those great products available. New 2019/20 team shirts are just examples of great goods available.

Don’t miss out on our team updates either, with Chelsea‘s new manager among those changes and updates, also a number of new clubs added.

Hot Topic,

Soccervoice is now listed as one of the top 200 football blogs/websites by Feedspot. We are listed as no. 147. That is a proud moment for the site, that has seen a great increase in traffic lately. We are happy to see such recognition and will continue to work on our site so it hopefully will get new and positive feedback in the future.

What’s Next,

The website will continue to grow, and our ground guide will certianly be one to follow up on as new stadiums are added day by day. Of course great updates and blog talk to find as well. We work constantly to become better and improve.

Interesting also to see how our total amount of updates will be able to cover what the football fan is looking for and via our quick links you will find the next step to that important info.

We have recently also received a number of enquiries regarding guest blogging and article placement, which we welcome, here is great guest text, and hopefully more are ready to use our blog as a window to the World.

We will also continue to add new stories to the Norwegian Blue category, which are stories of great amusement and with very unique material.

Until we are back with new updates, have a great time.

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