Brazil, the mouth watering names and performances, Pelè, Hulk and Bismarck, not to forget Zico, Socrates and Vagner Love

The history of Brazilian footballers are one unique and they are so many over the years that made mouth watering performances especially in the World Cup. Brazil winners of five World Cup’s, 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

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They are always up there with the best fighting for that title, but in some way without that brilliant “number one”, it’s been difficult in the last four World Cup tournaments taking place in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

Pelè was of course unique and he will for always be “the special one”, the player that whit his brilliance showed Europe how a teenage footballer could take on the World and really dominate for the next decade to come.

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The 1970 World Cup also is one to really remember, with that iconic save from Gordon Banks and of course winning the full competition in Mexico. Everything stood still and this was like a “landmark” and this Brazil team had won the hearts of everyone, who could dislike football played this way.

They are also seen as artists, and they all have a name, given to them in different terms and by someone, don’t know if there is a special ceremony, but they all have their name in Brazil, artist name, fantastic.

Going straight into the present time we find them with natural talent and some fantastic names. The first to mention is the striker, Hulk. Really great, really funny, really just brilliant, what a great way to name a footballer. just four letters and so accurate.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa is Hulk’s real name, but why call him that, Hulk is a brilliant name for this player. He has turned 32 and is now playing his game in China with Shanghai SIPG. He has represented Zenit and Porto as well being a big hit in the J-League.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is like a song and also a great name with grace, but we all know that just saying “Pelè” sounds so correct and fantastic. What a player, what a name, and again just four small letters, quick and easy to say in all languages.

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One that maybe not is as a famous for his game as Hulk and Pelè is midfielder Bismarck Barreto Faria, simply just Bismarck. He was a young sensation and made his name in the national team as a teenager. He didn’t shine in the World Cup, but was part of that 1989 Copa America winning team.

Looking at goalkeepers, some of them were great and especially in the past years the once troubled position is now covered by one of the best players in the World, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson. What a great name, Alisson Becker, sounds like a name for an English detective, not a Brazilian footballer.

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In the current Brazilian national team other English names are found, with Everton duo Richarlison and Bernard as two that stands out, and of course Everton himself. 23 year old Everton is still a young player, representing Gremio. Not to forget Walace, Fred and Malcom.

Turning back the time again, Zico and Felix are two to remember. The magic of Zico were seen especially in the 1982 World Cup with shooting skills never really seen before and to follow up Eder was not bad either. Four letter names and shooting power seldom seen on the planet earth.

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Among those, Socrates, a player with a Dr. degree, so iconic so fantastic running a midfield like it was his own office. Despite being a player of pure class he never became a World Champion.

Other player fantastic players with those dancing four letter names were the 1958 heroes Vava and Didi, so brilliantly playing together with that young Pelè.

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Manchester United is mostly known for “The Busby Babes”, and all those great years with Sir Alex Ferguson, but as we are looking at history they are all also “United” with a number of Brazilian players. Fred is currently on their books. The twin brothers, both playing as full backs, left and right. names, Fabio and Rafael have pasted their names in the Old Trafford history.

One iconic player was Bebeto a forward that mostly was in the shadows of Romario, but what a player, what a link up partner he was. Another that shined in Serie A was Pato.

The dominance of great names and great Brazilian players are seen all over the globe and despite not having Ronaldinho and Ronaldo in their mid anymore, does not really worry much, they are the past and the future looks so bright and then we just close this story with “Vagner Love”.







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