Manchester United players, are they not focused on their job, Solskjaer and Mourinho with same experience!

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The game v. Wolves at Molineux yesterday is a true example of the way players at Manchester United behave, but also a result of a recruitment policy that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to deal with when he goes after new players and ship out those who really don’t care.

As a manager you will always be frustrated when results are going against you, but watching players from the bench laughing when the team are really struggling to get results is just shambles to watch, difficult to accept.

Paul Pogba was placed on the bench by Jose Mourinho because of his lack of commitment  acting like a little child and getting sour being treated in the way he should when not performing as well as you would believe he should.

To see the same person under a new manager acting in a very selfish and immature way in his interview flirting with Real Madrid and a possible chance to play under Zinedine Zidane. What that comes from who knows, but his performance against Wolves yesterday was not the best we have seen of Paul Pogba.

Solskjaer made the most out of the game yesterday, trying to solve the problem from the last clash in the FA Cup by outnumbering Wolves in midfield, but what a shame to see players like Lukaku, Lingard and Young doing nothing to help a frustrating manager.

Lingard is not clinical enough, the same can be said about Lukaku, who miss clear chances that there are no excuse for and they are showing an attitude not worthy if they are fighting for their lives to play at the very highest level in Europe and be among the top four teams in the league.

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Solskjaer was not helped by his captain either and should probably never captain this team again, what a terrible decision he made when tackling sitting down and really making a total clown out of himself, seeing his team being reduced to 10 men.

Fans is frustrated about players and that is good as attention is drawn away from the management who yesterday did everything correctly. Man Utd should have won this 4-1 and not lost 2-1. The way Fred handles the situation that resulted in 1-1 is also horrible.

David de Gea is another who must be addressed making the pass to Fred, totally wrong and not a place to pass a ball, setting Fred up in a difficult situation, but a proven professional should be able to handle it.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had inherited a squad of players put together by Jose Mourinho who must have missed a few key details when recruiting players that are not able to perform against the better teams, not really picking up much points from the top seven teams in the Premier League this season.

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