Duncan Edwards, The Greatest, Manchester United and England

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The myth is known, and his performances for Manchester United in the 50’s were close to phenomenal, he will for always be seen as a legendary player, but from the books written about him, they really believe he was the greatest ever.

Were we all believe that Pele, Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo were fantastic and up there in the sky of the greatest players, of course together with Beckenbauer and Cruyff, they will according to authers of books about Duncan Edwards describe up there above those stars.

The great winners of the World Cup in 66, Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore were amongst those who is in the annals of those really described as legends and the best footballers in the World, but none of them could be described in the same sentences as Duncan Edwards.

Taking a step back, getting some fresh air and really think and find out why on earth someone that died at the age of 21 can be described in those words that is something to find out.

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The auther of the book, Duncan Edwards, The Greatest, describes him as a phantom a person the was so heavily talented that no one, not even in a fantasy game could battle and compete with this player.

He won two major titles in his short lived life, both league trophies with Manchester United, 1955-56 and 1956-57. He had also played 18 games for England before the Munich disaster. Of course a great player but with all fantistic footballers compared who can James Leighton come to this conclusion.

Looking at his way of life you could soon find out that he was a clear example of the perfect role model for a sportsman. He adored football and in many ways pushed football forward. Edwards was not Manchester born, but grew up in Dudley close to Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton and Aston Villa had their eyes on the young talented player, but a stubborn Sir Matt Busby managed to convince Edwards to sign for his club rather than two of the major clubs in the close neighborhood.

He established himself in the Manchester United team as a teenager and also made his England debut before turning 20. So this was a great player with a great future, so no one doubted that.

He plaid his last league game on the 1st of February 1958, and at that time Italian clubs showed interest as they often did. A number of great English and Scottish stars including Welsh born John Charles were all targeted.

The auther of his book talks about what would and could have happened if he had survived that accident and continued his great life as a footballer. Maybe been part of the 1962 and 1966 World Cup’s even partied up for the Mexico tournament in 1970.

To predict about something that in all is impossible might be stupid, but a good guess is that he could have been a major star in one of the bigger Italian clubs, and of course being paid in the best way possible with restrictions in England on wages for footballers.

Regardless of what would have happened, Duncan Edwards could have been a huge star in Italian football with some of the giants, Juventus, Roma, Inter or AC Milan, but that might not be good listening in the ears of Manchester United fans.

Reading the book is a must if you like football history, and see for yourself, make up your own opinion and hopefully you will find out if you believe he was the greatest or if you just don’t compare to others, but rate him as the great footballer he was.

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