Bobby Moore on Norwegian wings, fasten your seatbelts

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Bobby Moore is most known for captaining England to World Cup victory in 1966, being capped 106 times in his career. Now a long time after his death, he is again hitting the news, being names as one of the Norwegian airliners tail fin heros.

Great to see one of the best footballers ever, being named in honor for Norwegian, flying in and out of UK airports, for destinations in Europe and the US. To see Bobby Moore on board up in the air is just great.

He was mostly known in club football for his time with West Ham United, serving the east londoners for almost 20 years, before making a move crossing London and joining Fulham.

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The remarkable happened that his last performance at Wembley came against West Ham for Fulham in the 1975 FA Cup final, being defeated by his former club 2-0. Strangely he also captained a team, playing against England, being named as skipper for that special game between Team America and England in the 1976 Centennial Cup.

His number 6 at West Ham has been “retired” for a ling while, but hopefully some day one player could come back and wear the shirt, one that really deserves it, we will just wait and see if it happens. Would rather see those shirts “retired” being done more special instead, with an engraving of the name Bobby Moore on the shirt instead, then it would give so much more value.

To see the names of legends on the shirts would be fantastic, if you could engrave them all. would be great to see that happening instead of retiring numbers and no one wearing the legendary shirts anymore.

Moore was unique in the way he managed to read the game, not the one with most pace, but always quick on the ball and also making that elegant tackle that would result in winning the ball instead of making a free kick.

He was also a good passer and always elegant in the way he played the game. He did get into management but since he kept on playing and not really focusing on coaching, his route was more difficult, being in charge of a few clubs such as Southend United, amateur club Oxford City and Hong Kong based Eastern AA.

To combine commentary work, different businesses and also being involved in management is not easy and that might have been more of a reason why he never really came close to a top job, despite being invited to take over Watford, but in some way Graham Taylor was the chosen one instead.

Not all great footballers becomes great managers and from that team in 1966 only Alan Ball and Jack Charlton went on to have a good career as managers. Geoff Hurst had a short spell in charge of Chelsea but faded a bit out, so did Martin Peters after an attempt at the manager job at Sheffield United.

Nobby Stiles also worked in the trade, being in charge at Preston North End, Vancouver Whitecaps and West Bromwich Albion, but never really establishing himself the way especially Jack Charlton did, being so long in the job at Ireland national coach.

Bobby Moore was well liked were he walked and always being professional as well as captain as a young player, he did the shift ins to keep fit and being able to play as long as he did being in the professional game into his 40’s.

Great to see him as a fin hero, he really is!

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