Jonas Hector, an introduction

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1 FC Köln left back Jonas Hector is probably not living the dream of his life, being part of a desperate run to try to win their way back into the Bundesliga.

Hector is still very much part of the German national team and together with Thomas Muller, Tony Kroos and Manuel Neuer the most capped and experienced player in the squad. To see him in “zweite” is a bit strange, but with the current form of his club team, he will certainly be back.

He is a bit of a German Jamie Vardy, but in a very different role, playing in defense and as a left back. joining EffZeh from FC Auersmacher in 2010. He never looked back and has since played 190 league games and scored 10 goals.

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Not many players can keep their form on the highest level when getting relegated but with Hector it’s different, he will be working hard to get EffZeh back to the top. A key result was the 4-1 win over rival St. Pauli and now on a straight promotion 2nd spot, just four points behind leaders Hamburg SV.

His international debut came in a game against “little” Gibraltar, and he got a good start and worked his way from that first game and today five years later being capped 42 times, remarkable and great.

He follows in the footsteps of other former 1 FC Köln greats such as Wolfgang Overath, Heinz Flohe, Hennes Weissweller (one of two Germans to manage Barcelona) and of course Bernd Schuster who all had great careers at both club and international level.


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