Jose Mourinho sacked!

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Will this be the big headline this week. Jose looks finished at Manchester United, with so many talking about his possible exit being printed on the walls of the offices at Old Trafford.

Tiresome to listen to Jose Mourinho’s post match comments about referee’s not doing their job and his team getting all decisions against them, that is a path we have seen before at other clubs he’s been with.

The situation is not good and star players such as Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez looks a bit away from being “happy”, so we just have to wait and see what will happen.

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The fact that Jose has lost three important people around him in the last season or so, with his assistant Rui Faria gone, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney also shipped out, has upset balance in the dressing room and other people has a new role to play.

When big names and stars disappear from a dressing room or important figures who have been of great support suddenly are gone, the replacement of such people will be of great importance and to find the balance and keep the spirit high can be difficult.

Rumours about Zinedine Zidane as a possible man to walk in at Old Trafford is seen as the only alternative, with him stepping down from his throne at Real Madrid last season and being available for his next adventure in football.

The last week has been difficult being knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Derby and former pupil Frank Lampard and then going down to London and see another defeat blossoming in your face.

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Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer also said in yesterday’s show that he believed that Jose would lose his job and not be able to turn this feud to his favor, which in a way will force either a player or two out or seeing some of the officials at the club leaving. When Rui Faria left after last season you could see a pattern, since Jose works best together with his faithful assistant. Why Faria left is not easy to say, since he has not yet found any new club to work with and not been stepping up to a manager seat anywhere, despite Jose saying that Faria should be his own man and start to be the boss himself.

So we believe that this next week will se the headline, Jose Mourinho sacked!, and rather sooner than later, the battle inside the dressing room, among top officials and again Manchester United is ready to sacrifice another post Sir Alex manager.

The hot seat at Manchester United, could it really suit a French gentleman, as we have seen in the past Scottish has been a path of good judgement at Old Trafford, with Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson being the dominant leaders. Tommy Docherty also had a relatively good spell as manager, with David Moyes being the fourth scot but as we all know, not of the standards of those before him.

Jose Mourinho will go out on top anyway if he is dismissed from his duties at the club. Winning two trophies, qualified for Champions League in all his seasons, ending runners-up in the Premier League last season. Sadly that is not enough to get a club settled at the top, seeing a troublesome and disastrous start to this Premier League campaign.

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