Manchester United still in search for the correct formula, German Ralf Rangnick appointed in interim charge

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The model going forward are not yet seen at Manchester United but the appointment of Ralf Rangnick is promising. OGS might be one of the nicest men in football, but his presence at Manchester United have never really been as grand as you would like a father figure to be.

With Rangnick you certainly get a man with high intigrity and no one will judge him on managment presence and his ladder to this job is not about a fairy story but from a route which very much makes Rangnick entitled to such a job.

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What next for Jesse Lingard will Roma be the ideal move for the England international

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Jesse Lingard had a grand development for a number of seasons at Manchester United flourishing fantastically under the management of Jose Mourinho. Could it be that teaming up again with his former manager, now at Roma, would be a sensation of dimentions and also see him back in the top of European football.

If you look at the stats from Jose Mourinho’s time at Manchester United you will find key points about the players he used and how they also appeared during his tenure at Old Trafford. Jesse Lingard was one the players that had a grand development in those seasons. Looking at the stats from this season, Lingard has during the 2021/22 start up played 10 games. Three of those appearances in an England shirt. He has scored 4 goals, 2 for England and his only starts so far are two internationals v. Andorra, and the EFL Cup game v. West Ham.

The bench is a place Jesse Lingard knows a lot about. To again experience a life on the fringe after a great run on loan with West Ham last season, must be sad. Lingard is quality and the way he did get into the England setup a few years back, appearing regularly, and part of the starting eleven during the 2018 World Cup.

At the age of 28, turning 29 in December, you need to find out what your next step in football would become. To cement a place in the Man Utd starting eleven, with Lingard’s qualities best used in an offensive midfield position. Chances are limited and you are up against competition from Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, that is not an easy competition.

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OGS do not rate Jesse Lingard above Pogba and Fernandes. To play Lingard wide would be difficult, with other options in Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho, all probably better in a wide flank position. Difficult for OGS to decide as the future of Lingard might be seen elsewhere.

Over the years we have seen grand examples of players axed or overlooked at Man Utd, with a certain Paul Pogba as a reminder. Moving to Juventus with just 3 league appareances in the bag at Man Utd. He later returned. Gerard Pique moving back to Barcelona and becoming one of their best defenders in history. Nicky Butt and Phil Neville are two others that had do move on to play first team football with moves to Newcastle and Everton.

Jesse Lingard would be a sensational player if he did sign for Roma and would probably fit into their set up straight away, but rumours today say Everton are the most likely alternative. Newcastle of course linked with every quality player in football at the moment and of course West Ham will be keen to get him back.

The big issue for OGS at the moment at Man Utd is to find a perfect blend for his team. Be able to set his jigsaw correctly as he juggles his players in and out of the first team line-up. OGS has not yet managed to get this blend correctly as the squad looks out of balance and key players are not able to rest correctly with storm of talk and rants about the future of OGS being a problem. That makes it impossible for OGS to leave out key players who are used probably more than they should, scared of the pressure and showing everyone that he do not trust his second best players.

Sir Alex Ferguson had his fans and media credit in the bank and was never seen as a possible sacking object after his number of titles had found the cabinet at Old Trafford. He also had a calm and knowledge which made him invinsible. This was earned by Sir Alex earned over years at this football club and a reason why it’s so difficult to come in and be judged on the same scale.

Jesse Lingard has not yet convinced OGS that he will be able to deliver at the highest shelf under him and why OGS did take him back and did not sell the midfielder in the summer is a bit of riddle. The use of the England international looks a bit strange and not really a planned activity, giving him mostly minutes coming in from the bench.

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OGS shows with his selections to different games that he is not trusting his squad 100%. He is not capable of fielding teams that he knows will be competitive when resting key players, instead probably getting more injuries and not really getting the best out of his fringe alternatives. That is the key problem and will be so for the long term future withouth stretching the use of the squad and build more self belief into the squad.

Watching Jesse Lingard drying up on the bench and again finding himself in the shadows of the heat is tragic. Lingard looks to have no future at Man Utd and the best for him is to move on. Roma would suit him and at this time the best alternative.


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Duncan Edwards, The Greatest, Manchester United, England, the story of a star

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Duncan Edwards is by many described as the best footballer to be, and at his age he was something else, a bright future was in front of him but as we all know it all ended in a tragic disaster as the England international died in the Munich crash.

When the crash happened and we never got the opportunity to see Duncan Edwards on a football field again, he had at the age of 21 added up 18 caps and scored 5 goals for England, played a total of 151 EFL games for Manchester United and scored 20 goals.

His talent was something we seldom will see in football and the future looked fantastic, the left half would have been part of the England set up for the 1958 World Cup finals in Sweden, and the outfall could have been much different, and of course gone on to win more honours than his two league titles from 1956 and 1957 with Manchester United.

England did participate in the 1962 World Cup but at the age of 26, Duncan Edwards would have been at his very best and looking forward he could have gone on to play in both the 1966 and 1970 finals. Bobby Charlton was just a year younger than Duncan Edwards and came through the ranks at Manchester United at the same time. The two also did military service together in the area of Shrewsbury.

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Duncan Edwards, was described as a rock in open sea and a player that could operate in midfield and of course in the centre of a back three. He made his England debut at the age of 18 and when making his first team debut with MU, at the age of 16, becoming the youngest player in the top flight ever.

A teetotal as we would probably have liked every sports man to be and of course leading by example and being a grand role model for his generation, being that proper and solid rock as described, and of course a key player in the Sir Matt Busby set up. Bill Foulkes and Paddy Crerand did get their shots instead as they covered the positions we would surely had seen Duncan Edwards operating in, getting that great generation of players coming up and establishing Manchester United again as a giant in European and domestic football during the 60’s.

Duncan Edwards had a leading role in the England team and played in all four of the qualification games for the 1958 World Cup, scored two goals in the 5-2 hammering for Denmark in Copenhagen, often said to be the clear alternative to follow Billy Wright as captain of England.

History and destiny tells a different story as we again did see a great athlete and massive footballer leave us with his best years in front and leaving a big hole of grief behind.

But as we are asking the questions, what if? and why? his place was there to be filled both for club and country as other players stepped forward and made the most of their football careers.

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Manchester United were close to win The Double with Duncan Edwards in the team and he was part of the run with the club raching the 1957 FA Cup final, but had to see defeat against Aston Villa, losing 2-1.

A sad story and a tragic outfall is of course the close picture of his life, but indeed giving inspiration and hope for other players as English football reached it’s peak in the 60’s with both Manchester United and England making history on the path that was there to walk for other players making their club and nation proud.

Duncan Edwards, The Greatest

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