Who can do what Gareth Southgate does, is he at a level few can reach and will England again lift the World Cup

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This year alone Gareth Southgate and England have won 7 of 8 games. The last vs. Scotland and Hampden Park, showing the strength of a squad that could go on to win the next Euro’s.

A manager is not better than his players and over the years and since those days of Boys of 66, you have not really seen a team that could be World Cup or Euro winners, but with the current set up, still having Harry Kane around and the new star shine in Jude Bellingham, you have what it would take to bring home the silverware.

England cruised into the Euro’s and have qualified for every tournament during the years of Gareth Southgate, taking charge in 2016. He took England to the World Cup in Russia in 2018, coming home with a fourt place. He then managed to get even closer to a top position for the 2019 Nations League, bringing home a bronze, then in that 2021 Euro’s getting to the final and ened with a silver medal.

No other England manager besides Sir Alf Ramsey can document the same success. The World Cup in Qatar at the end of last year, did see England reach the quarter finals, being defeated by France in the quarter finals, later to reach the final and losing on penalties to Argentina.

While other major nations in Europe have seen a decline, talking of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Spain, England and France are the major force in European football at present, and we do believe that Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane will be around to the World Cup 2026 to fulfill the dream of England to again win a World Cup.

No other candidate would fit better than the experienced national coach with a winning percentage of 63% and before that showing great stats taking the England U.21 to a percentage of 73%. He has also shown that keeping faith in experienced players instead of following the idiotic path of journalists and pundits finding every possible chance of critisism to use against him.

Gareth Southgate is the best candidate by far to continue in the England job, and with the current group of players to chose from, he should just be left alone and a medal in any form from the Euro’s will of course help him to get a new contract.






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