Rich Man, Poor Man experience looks to happen in Norway capitol Oslo as Valerenga and KFUM could swap places

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There are still a few games left of the Norwegian football season, with some very interesting events taking place in the next weeks. Valerenga will know their faith within this period and hopefully avoid relegation. At this point they are playing at a standard we would surely believe was impossible, being a top club in revenue and attendances. An avarage of 12.000 spectators, on home games, at their new and fantastic arena Intility Stadium, shows a grand following from their own, with their fanbase “Klanen” still giving loyal support.

Just a few blocks away, in the same capitol, you find 2nd tier club KFUM. They have long tradtions in Norwegian football, being founded in 1939, but never been anything than a minor compared to most of their competitors.

KFUM “Kameratene” are blessed to be able to bring in so many exciting players, mixing it up in a special setting that makes it possible to be a stepping stone towards next steps in football as many of the former “Kaaffa” players are today seen as regulars in the top flight.

If they make it into the top flight and swap places with Valerenga, KFUM will be the only capitol club in the top flight next season, so it is a massive and strange change that would take place. Valerenga are at present in a bit of a chaotic situation. Their Director of Sports, Joacim Jonsson, having the pressure as his work since arrving in March 2022, has not really worked wonders.

Valerenga head coach in the start of the season, Dag Eilif Fagermo, was sacked. His good start in the job was never fullfilled, after a number of player logistic mistakes. Fagermo was replaced with Geir Bakke, being “hijacked” and tempted, most certainly given better terms, leaving his post at arch-enemy Lillestrom. So far nothing has been as planned for Valerenga, under the leadership of Geir Bakken, crawling around the three bottom positions and currently in the play-off position with Sandefjord and Aalesund below.

Valerenga is a team that should be in the top end of the table and not being were they are at the moment, having their captain Stefan Strandberg as the most known player. He is a Norwegian international with a long life as a professional abroad. Still being picked for Norway as coach Stale Solbakken tends to trust the experienced 33 year old defender.

KFUM looks to be on their way to the top flight, but their arena is in no way suited as a place to arrange football at the highest level, currently with a fanbase on home games just around 300 to 400 people. There are talk of moving out of the capitol, but then Oslo could see no top flight football next season.

We certainly hope that KFUM will find a new home in close distance. Good alternatives can be found in the capitol, with stadiums such as Ullevaal, Bislet or Intillity all suited. This will hopefully give KFUM a chance to play home games in their own city.






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