NFF land special “gullklokka” deal as Erling Haaland good relations might have been of influence

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Playing for Norway is a massive honour for Erling Haaland as he recently reached 25 caps, receiving “‘Gullklokka”, as the tradition continues.

Over the years this golden watch has been delivered by different brands, but earlier in the year NFF reached an agreement with Breitling, a brand closely related to Erling Haaland as he became an ambassorder for this watch brand a year ago, as Haaland builds his own business empire.

To be honoured with a gold watch is something special for Norwegian full internationals as they reach 25 caps, but this year it was talk of a change of the tradition, moving it to 50 caps, but to stop this tradition on the mark of Erling Haaland reaching the magic tally would have looked strange.

Luckily we have seen NFF turn and go for the 25 cap mark as Erling Haaland was rewarded with his clock, seeing another Breitling watch part of his collection. Erling Haaland is a massive watch collector and being the ambassodor of this brand, of course makes a good match.

“Gullklokka” is known far back. The first player to recieve it was Gunnar Andersen, reaching the tally of 25 caps in 1919, but he had to wait until 1930, to recive his golden watch, as the honouring of the 25 cap milestone was introduced.

This tradition has been under consideration over the years and also changed, and just before Erling Haaland received his golden watch, it was a new debate of the tradition, but for the 2nd time around NFF turned again to keep it on 25 caps.

Hopefully it will continue, showing the respect of such a reach, which is a massive milestone for a player, both men and women. The golden watch is of course nice to have, but the honour also include a free pass for life to attend all NFF arrangements for free.


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