Man Utd struggling with the past as Leeds and Napoli are other clubs to tell stories of ghosts from greater days

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Man Utd are out searching for the ultimate formula to great results, but as we all know you need an accident or dip in form at other places to get back to were you loved to be.

Leeds and Napoli are two clubs that are for long passed the idea of great days to return to what was, as hard struggles and in their own mind accepting failure to get all back up to the top, as they have struggled with the past.

Napoli still adore their god and paintings all over are of Diego Maradona, and he will live on in his own legendary ashes, but to forget and move forward is not easy and comparing the life of a god with the current present is very difficult.

Leeds did see a league trophy finding it’s way to their cabinet in 92. A surprise and also playing a EFL Cup final in the same era and being a influential club in Premier League, they did see a heavy decline as they had experienced an earlier stage as well.

After a run of relatively good seasons, but not at the standard of Don Revie, they finally got to shot themselves in the foot with one of their own as manager, Allan Clarke. Eddie Gray and Billy Bremner were next in line to go in and try to save their love, but failed.

Howard Wilkinson was signed as their next manager at the foot of the 2nd tier and he managed to turn life and as he stepped forward had a job to get the focus away from the past.

The recent return to Premier League action under Marcelo Bielsa made the past vanish a bit as talk was on the man in charge and he managed to see Leeds fan again dream, but with him gone and a less charismatich manager in Jesse Marsch, you will soon see the dreams recoil to those days of Revie and Bielsa.

Man Utd are still searching for their answers and going Dutch again from seeing their German job not being as well working as planned. Erik ten Haag might be a great coach and as they tried OGS and him being seen as the salvatore, he also had to see his head on the axe.

The key to everything is patience but in football time is no more than the next game as every result lives their own life. To be defeated by heave numbers against Watford or any other lower placed team will not be accepted by people who have decided to support Man Utd.

Man Utd are for winners and they do not accept defeat, never done and as they sail on the top wave they should not fall off. They do have money to buy what they like, but why they missed out on the players that Man City and Liverpool signed and put into their jigsaw.

If they are lucky at Man Utd they can get into that push for a league title in a year or two as they still do have great players and most of them are not really at an age that will see them finished in a year or two, but there are massive gaps in the squad to be able to chase that PL title and also have a run to a possible final in CL.

First of all they need to forget the past and not fall into the trap to compare this era with the one of Sir Alex as he had just one real contender, Arsene Wenger, both two fantastic managers and as we do see today that race is at the moment between Man City and Liverpool and much because of their fantastic football managers.

Eric ten Hag might be a man to call but he is no league close to the two as the two that has been able to win a title in their era are Antonio Contè (Chelsea) and Claudio Ranieri (Leicester). Ranieri climbed of his horse as he decided to move away from his magic formula and turn Leicester into a hybrid and not really going forward and under a year later ending his work at the club. Contè we all know is working on models of football that gives good results but his style seems to tire out owners and chairmen or himself.


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