Arsenal in all white at Nottigham’s City Ground for a very important and serious reason we sure love the approach

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Arsenal will weare an all white shirt for their FA Cup away fixture vs. Nottingham Forest on Sunday. There is a special reason for those shirts being used and they will not go on sale but given to charity for the purpose of showing support to an initiative to combat knife crime.

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Arsenal will go in front to front to help young people find their passion by investing in spaces to play sport and developing mentorship programmes.

We have seen in the past that football clubs taking their close environment seriously will give these type of campaigns more publicity and people might be more aware of the situation.

The club initiative is supported by kit sponsor Adidas, actor Idris Alba and former England and Arsenal forward Ian Wright, the campaign is known as “No More Red”

The all white shirt will of course be a massive signal towards the awareness of such dreadful happenings and we all hope it will be a message that results in a decline of knife crime all together.

Arsenal will be chasing the major trophy and their first hurdle on the journey will be Nottingham Forest being the favorites against the Championship side, hopefully going all the way as they did in the 2019/20 campaign ending up as winners.

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