OGS and his great hope for Man Utd, up’s and down’s, Ronaldo with that special important edge

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So far no one can ask anymore from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as his critics did start to fly after their recent defeats in Premier League and Europe, but a certain Cristiano Ronaldo makes the difference and his presence will of course be a key to a new and hopefully successful season at Old Trafford.

Few or no one with a football knowledge knows that bringing trophies to the table is difficult as Villareal did defeat Man Utd in the Europa League, Chelsea winning Champions League and Leicester bringing home the FA Cup, that edge is so vital and it will win you trophies.

OGS has no experience from winning major trophies as a manager, but during his years with Molde he managed to bring success to a club that had no previous past of a tradition of winning trophies season in and season out, so that would be something to take into the consideration before you judge him on his three latest performances, before yesterdays vital CL win v. Villareal.

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The problem for OGS has been to fix that final goal that seals the deal and at his club at the moment you have very few players with that experience, and with the current players at the club covering the central defensive midfield positions you do not have what it takes to winning those special games.

You cannot blame OGS for being let down in games v. Young Boys and also against West Ham, with certain players doing errors you cannot really pin point as a manager failure. Bruno Fernandes missing his penalty in overtime has nothing to do with OGS.

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Manchester United are currently fourth in the Premier League, one point behind Liverpool, and to our notice seeing their best start to a season since OGS appeared. He do need to strengthen his team even more and with a certain N’Golo Kantè said to be available, or making a massive approach to sign the England midfield duo Rice and Phillips he would be close to a great number of titles.

Players such as Matic, McTominay, Fred do seem to fail at the last hurdle and not be as good as they should in those vital parts of games and looking at the central midfield positions at their main rivals they do seem to be a bit weak.

Cristiano Ronaldo showed yesterday that he still has the edge to bring home trophies as he has done over so many of his previous seasons and hopefully other players will grow with that key player in place.

Manchester United have been in transition all the way sine Sir Alex stepped down with a squad a bit out of balance and a number of players getting to an age that made them all ready to be replaced. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes leaving the dressing room at Old Trafford will always bring a big gap not really able to fill and to see Rio Ferdinand and Namanja Vidic close to retirement ment two other massive leaders being on the way out as well.

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David Moyes is at the moment doing a fantastic job at West Ham getting time to build and Louis Van Gaal is back as manager of Holland and Jose Mourinho at the moment with AS Roma in Italy are the three previous men to be handling the Manchester United transition, so far a bit in the air, but still not catastrophy and every aspect of a winning formula close to completion.

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OGS needs to bring home a trophy this season, but will still last if not, if he manages yet again find himself in one of the four top spots in Premier League, not really anyone who can say anything if that happens.

To see Alex Telles among the goalscorers and really taking his chance when getting to play is good, that is really what this is all about that you grab every opportunity with producing good games when called up on.

The project under OGS is something that will continue and he is so very close, but still would love to see him get the teams lowest point to a higher level. He has been let down too many times by players who don’t really perform as well as they should getting the chances they get, but we will see if OGS will manage to see those key errors to solve as his team can manage to get a result even on some other bad days.


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