Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting to Man Utd and back

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The route to Manchester United for Ronaldo’s first spell at Old Trafford was not written in stone as he had offers from other clubs and one keen admirer was Arsene Wenger who were close to get his signature, but instead of joining Arsenal he chose Man Utd after convincing Sir Alex with an impressive display in a game against them, winning 3-1.

Romanian manager at the time, Laszlo Boloni, was the man who gave Cristiano Ronaldo the debut in the senior first team after being impressed by the dribbling capacity of the teenager. Boloni was a previous player at Steaua Bucuresti and a winner of the European Cup, and to complete the presentation, a Romania international with 102 caps in total.

While Ronaldo has been around in European football Boloni has also done his moves and had his last management experience with Panathinaikos, been in charge of the Greek giants from 2020 to 2021.

Ronaldo, a teenager at the time made the most out of his friendly v. Man Utd and the rest is history. He signed for Sir Alex and when his time was up, he moved on, to join Real Madrid.

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Sir Alex and Laszlo Boloni was the two managers to be part of those first years, and not much change as the two influenced a career that continued at Real Madrid. The fact that Real Madrid only managed to win La Liga Primera just two times during the days of Ronaldo, did see a lot of great names of management taking charge.

The man in charge when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived was Manuel Pellegrini, but it was no doubt that Florentino Perez was the man in charge of the move valued to £80million and really a bargain buy looking at it all in the back mirror.

Manuel Pellegrini left the club after that first season and the new man in was Jose Mourinho. Mourinho stayed for three years with Carlo Ancelotti taking over. Rafael Benitez was next and after him Zinedine Zidane had his time in charge. He had left by the time Ronaldo made his move to Juventus, with a certain Spanish head coach being announced as their next manager just before the start of the World Cup, which did see Julen Lopetegui sacked from his post just in front of that vital tournament.

During his days at Juventus Massimiliano Allegri was the one in charge at this arrival, later it was Sarri and Pirlo who had their days in charge before Cristiano Ronaldo made his move back to Man Utd and is now for the first time in his career being managed by a former team mate in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Despite being seen as a grand footballer and by many described as the best with a regime of pureness and disiplin that seldom is seen in this game. At the age of 36 he still performs at a level few in his age have done before him and it shows that attitude and hunger can keep you going all the way to the 40’s and further if you still want to play on.

Stanley Matthews and Peter Shilton are two former players who did the same and at the age of 36 still was performing at top level going long into their 40’s performing well, so it’s done before and can of course be copied and we believe Cristiano Ronaldo will be offered a job if he decides to play on into his late 40’s.

Football is a strange game and certainly for Cristiano Ronaldo the return to Man Utd have seen a start few would believe with three goals scored in his first two games, hopefully OGS will be lucky and keep his momentum both at home and out in Europe.

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World Club Global Rating 2021, Man City on top, facts and figures

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This current ratings of all clubs in the World of football/soccer is a grand and thorough set up not to be ignored, It tells a story on how stats and figures can be used to find the best and most accurate ratings of those clubs and how they look in the total perspective.

To see a Premier League club on top is no big surprise with the current PL winner and CL runners-up Man City being the front runnner of the lot. Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the two in the top three.

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Looking at several other clubs of interest and surprises you will see that Sevilla and RB Leipzig are higher and ratings are better than Arsenal at 17, with Roma and Porto also above The Gunners.

Looking at the list further you have Napoli next just that place behind Arsenal. Being among the last 12 or even 24 in the Champions League race might give you a higher score and that is of course correct to address.

Looking at clubs outside Europe, you will find Brazilian club Palmeiras highest ranked at 19. Mexican club UANL Tigres is the second highest among those non-european, seen in place 21. America, also from Mexico, Flamengo and Gremio of Brazil are the others highly ranked in that category, not to miss out of Argentina’s top rank, River Plate.

A grand and fantastic update with massive stats taken into consideration gives a verdict again how US Soccer can be seen in the picture with the first MLS club, Atlanta United, found in the list on place 63.

This is a very interesting and fun topic to discuss as football fans do like to compare their clubs and measure up against each other.

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Following up on football on all continents we will find Iranian favorites Persopolis in place 70, showing their status as one of the real major teams. Wydad Casablanca of Morocco, Esperance from Tunis and Egyptian club Al Ahly are the top three ranked from the African continent.

Looking further at PL clubs you do find Brentford higher ranked than West Ham, Newcastle and Leeds, but that has it’s reasons and you should look up further to find out why?

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Looking at the Scandinavian countries you will find FC Copenhagen, Malmo and Molde highest ranked on 95, 110 and 164. This is no surprise as those three clubs have done extremely well in Europe and also been winners of their domestic leagues in recent years as this is not just a rating of one previous season.

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Leagues World Global Ranking, Norway above China and Japan

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To rank leagues of the World might be difficult but from this Leagues World Global Ranking you certainly get a good perspective of the situation and of course important for players to understand what type of risk they are taking by making their moves in football.

Premier League gets top score, and no big surprises in the top of list, but looking further down you will find those interesting key figures not possible to ignore.

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Denmark is the best league in Scandinavia, seen as the 19th best in the World, Sweden ranked 25, one place behind EFL Championship, which by many in their own mind should be ranked higher and be in the top 10, certainly not in this picture. Norway at 28, China 29 and Japan 30.

We have seen over a long period of time that players might jump at a chance to play in Japan, China or even the 2nd tier of the Bundesliga, but with all those leagues ranked behind Norway, why should players ignore their current status, move to a lower status league and just look at the money short term.

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Surprised also to see the 2nd tiers in Spain and Italy ranked below those three Scandinavian countries and in a way moving abroad to a club in those leagues could be a step down according to these accurate stats.

You should never ignore big data and the influence of statistics and in many ways it all makes a lot of sense when you see how clubs are doing in Europe taking everything into consideration.

Finland and Iceland top tiers are not in the top 70 and probably correct as we have yet to see any of their clubs reaching som type of group stages in European football. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW


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