Arsenal will they again return to be great

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Six years ago Arsenal ended runners-up in the league pushing their closest rival Spurs down to third as Leicester did manage to do the unthinkable by winning Premier League.

The fans of this club must really hate their former manager Arsene Wenger as his presence was something they would rather be without. Strange to watch from the side, not really understanding the reason behind it all, as their knowledge of football and totally ignoring that this is actually going in a bit of circles, with Wenger alongside Sir Alex being the masterminds behind those great generation moves as they managed to renew their teams in time to bag trophies season in and season out.

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Before Arsene Wengers arrival at the club in September1996 it was little or nothing happening and a lot of strange talk has since been seen about Wenger this and Wenger that. Those persons in the Wenger out clan will go on for ages to defend their case as they know can see life of wrong doings big time.

Arsene Wenger was an institution at Arsenal and to give him the treatment he was given by the club and their fans are just disgusting to watch for one being an outsider, completely unthinkable, but in this World you do see strange things happening over and over again.

When you look at what happened next you understand that the club do not have a main strategy work as no successor was seen long term and no clear candidate had been addressed, so why do what they did, to destroy their own work, to start a riot towards your own, that looks like a sailboat without a skipper.

What we have seen at Arsenal after Wenger’s departure is a downfall from being a club fighting for a place in Champions League to something few can imagine will be able to fight for anything else than a Premier League survival, and the house of Arteta is not leading anywere and will probably go to the ground as the building is not standing with this type of approach.

A good healty football team do have a number of experienced bodies in there, still able to compete at the very top, you do have a body of players in and around 26 to 29 among those being first team regulars. Then you have a crop of younger players just in and around the eleven that still need time to deliver, and of course not being players that needs to take all the leading act during a full season, they will not be able to do that and fail, and with failure you will get more failure. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

In Wenger’s last season Arsenal ended 6th and qualified for Europa League action. They were EFL Cup finalists and ended their run in the Europa League in the semi’s, who are in their right mind to sack a manager after those results, and talking about giving this man the sack long before, you must have little or no knowledge of football.

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Wenger made a number of sales to be able to fund the arrivals of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Henrikh Mkhittaryan and with those signings bringing in players with the experience needed to be able to find more glory going forward.

Looking at the squad you had the blend and the avarage age needed as those three players made it possible to let others leave. The job that summer was to bring in quality in the back four, probably look at the keeper situation and bring in the quality needed to fly on forward.

The club never managed to bring in the quality needed to replace those players that was coming to an age that made them a bit too experienced and also losing Ramsey might have been a major blow with the player wishing to leave. A great talent and often underrated by many as he have been a bit forgotten in the rise of Wales, with Bale getting most of the credit.

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Wenger had a great nose for finding talent and signing players that could take the step as he did with Henry and Vieira both just fringe players at Juventus and AC Milan when arriving at Highbury. No player was seldom signed on the upper shelf as we all know Wenger selling most of his best players to Man City for fees he couldn’t get elsewhere.

Would have rather seen Wenger taking that job of bringing Arsenal into a better shape when leaving that what happened now and we believe it can take ages to rebuild the structure, though we cannot see who that person would be and of course not seeing how such an appointment will be happening.

The roar for Brendan Rodgers at Leicester might be there, but we do not really know how a club a bit down the pecking order coming to finances will be able to fight for those major trophies withouth a wizard at the helm, and surely that person is difficult to find.


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