Argentina winners of the Copa America, a final end to Lionel Messi’s international trophy drought!

Argentina had their chance to finally get their hands on the Copa America again, and with that final as the last hurdle, and also seeing Lionel Messi and his team a favorite, made it all a dream when Angel Di Maria’s goal after 22 minutes became the difference between the two teams.

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Brazil, never to be faulted did, and when playing at The Maracana, you will never underestimate such a footballing nation, but it was that special day, that very special day. Messi played his 151 full international game and also became the top scorer of the tournament with four goals.

A long wait for a major trophy for the Argentinians, waiting 28 years for that to happen, and with Messi himself at the age of 34 finally getting his hands on something that massive was a big goal achieved. But as it looks he is not finished looking forward to the Qatar World Cup in a year or so, trying to again bring glory to his nation.

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Some say it’s all over in football when you reach thirty, but that could be absolutely wrong with Lionel Messi probably at his best and to have this big trophy in the belt can see him calm down and not be as desperate as he could be knowing that winning the Copa America might also give a clear reason for Argentina to bring home the World Cup again, something that has not happened since 1986, reaching the final in 1990 and 2014, but the Germans beat them both times.

Until yesterday Lionel Messi’s only tournament win with Argentina happened a long time ago, winning the 2008 Olympic Gold. He has also a winners medal from the U.20 World Cup as far back as 2005.

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Strangely and odd to see the Maracana on a day like this with only 7 800 people inside the stadium, but it never stops the celebrations of such a great win. Among Messi’s team mates you have all stars of the major leagues in Europe, with Aston Villa’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez as a key player during the tournament, doing a fantastic job not only in the final, but most remembered for three fantastic saves in the Semi’s penalty shoot outs v. Columbia.

To see Emiliano Martinez among the stars of Argentina makes you feel fantastic, after a long wait at Arsenal and just one full season with Aston Villa adding this Copa America gold medal to his cabinet which we remember him also lifting the FA Cup for Arsenal a year ago. He is a special goalkeeper and his presence could be a key to even more fun as Argentina goes on a hunt for their next big trophy, the World Cup.

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