Euro’s close, all the important facts and figures, let the fun begin!

We have just finished the domestic seasons, the Europa League and Champions League final are also settled with teams and players ready for a well earned vacation on it’s way, but for the best players in Europe they are without the pleasure.

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Teams qualified for the Euro’s are well into their preparations with friendlies to prepare their upcoming campaign and it will be a very special event, being a year after it was supposed to, due to the still ongoing pandemic.

A lot of websites are out there with their updates, analytics and all the stats you need, but surely following it all from OneWorld-Futbol would give you pleasure and fun, since it all is based on a map structure.

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There are a lot of excitement to look forward to and of course following the big nations is always on the radar, but you also have nations not really seen at this scene much and some for the very first time.

North Macedonia and Finland are both qualified and not really nations with a lot of finals experience and for those nations just fantastic as football is massive and their biggest sports, though they are known probably for other achievements.

You will of course be able to watch most of the stars of European football playing for these nations and Belgium, Spain and Portugal goes into the tournament as the biggest favorites with Germany, England and Netherlands together with France also being mentioned as possible winners in a tournament that probably are more open than ever before.

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We should neither forget Italy who are in a group with Turkey, Wales and Switzerland. All nations able to upset anyone and this will not be finished before a number of thrilling and exciting games are played.

You should also look up the history of this special tournament progressing from a minor finals tournament to a big event of 24 nations as it is today. So again looking back or looking forward you will either way have a great number of weeks of fantastic international football to watch.

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